Thursday, October 27, 2016

Happy Birthday Landon

Today this boy is 8 years old and having his favorite white donuts for breakfast.  Eight years ago he was born at Huntsville Hospital and we were all thrilled to hold this bundle of joy. Landon is our first grandson and from the time he was born, he has had hold of Nana's heart.  We laughed at him as a baby because he was too lazy to hold his own bottle and the formula had to be warmed to just the right temperature. As a little guy he was quite shy but he grew out of that. Going to Preschool really helped his social skills. Now he is everyone's friend...a polite, sweet fellow. Of course Kendall would tell you he can be very annoying but that is the job of a brother isn't it? I did not have any so I am not sure.:)

We took him out to dinner for his birthday and when asked where he wanted to go, he chose McDonalds. ( We got off cheap!!)  He will be celebrating his birthday with a party the first Saturday in November. He and his bonus brother, Hudson, share a birthday party every year.  This year both boys are getting cash because Nana does not really have a clue what 8 year old boys want for gifts.

Today is friend day and we are headed to Graves Grocery in Lacey Springs Alabama. It is about 40 minutes away because you go over the river and through the woods to get there. I am hoping to have some pictures to share with you tomorrow.


Mildred said...

Happy Birthday to Landon. I, too, love those white donuts!
Hope you and your friends enjoy your outing today. I look forward to pictures.

Terri D said...

Happy birthday to sweet Landon!! Joe says donuts are his favorite food group! LOL Have a great time with your friends!!

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LANDON Wishing you a day of joy and a year of blessings.