Friday, October 21, 2016

Kitchen Angel

I know it is still quite a while until Christmas but if you plan to make some of your own gifts, it is time to get started.  I was watching Mrs Erica on You Tube the other day and she had made a stop at Priesters on the outskirts of Montgomery. While shopping at this neat store she picked up a Christmas gift for a family member. It was a Kitchen Angel.  I thought, how cute and I think I can make one of those on my own.  I have two sweet aunts that I try to get some little something for at Christmas and I knew this would be perfect for them.  At their ages they do not need or want more things so something useful is perfect.

You will need...

Two kitchen towels per angel.  You want them to coordinate. I found these at TJ Maxx for $4.99.

Two sturdy Wooden Spoons. I found these at TJ Maxx as well. $2.49

Rubberbands($1.49) and a spool of ribbon. Ribbon is 40% off this week at Hobby Lobby so you might want to purchase some for your Christmas crafts.

Mrs Erica's Christmas Angel used a potholder for the wings. I could not find any that matched my towels so I just folded up the plain dish towel for wings.

Here is what it looks like all folded up. Now you need a sturdy rubber band.

Set aside.

Lay the other towel open over your spoon and use the rubber band to hold it in place. You need to make it tight.

Here is how it will look.

Attach the wings to the back by slipping the rubber band holding the bow to the spoon. This can be difficult. You must hold your tongue right!!:)  You can also use another rubber band if  that is easier for you. I used the ribbon to cover the rubbersbands.

And here they are all finished.

I did add a tag to the finished angel...since my aunts do not read my blog I can add it here...

This gift took me about 20 minutes to put together and the total cost was about $10.  If you look for potholders and towels on sale you can probably make them for  less.   And really this would make a cute hostess gift to take at Thanksgiving or Christmas if you are traveling to visit relatives soon.


Sandy said...

That is adorable. I haven't seen such a cute craft in awhile. I just may have to do this!!!

Anonymous said...

So, you did make it to TJMAXX! Don't you love when you have a gift like this in the back of your mind and you find the very things you are looking for. This is a precious and useful gift and I know your aunts will be happy.
Have a great day.

Arlene Grimm said...

Ladies, I am always on the look out for a craft idea that I think someone will enjoy!! I may make a few more of these for my gift closet.

Linda said...

I just LOVE these!!!

Terri D said...

These are SO cute!! Thanks for the instructions!

Victoria Stankus said...

Neat idea! Thanks for sharing!

Carol said...

What a darling idea, Arlene!! Useful, too--thanks so much for your tutorial :)

Barbara said...

Very cute idea. Another good craft the Grand Girl and I may be able to make for her Mom.