Friday, October 28, 2016

Lunch in the Country

Yesterday we motored to Lacey Springs, Alabama to have lunch at Graves Grocery Store. Susan had seen a write up about it and thought we would enjoy venturing further afield.  It was a beautiful October day just perfect for a ride in the country. We saw many pretty fields and home places along Upper River Road and Highway 36.  We did note that it seems much farmland is being bought up by developers and that is troubling. We need those farms!!

Just as we thought we had missed our destination we saw it appear on the horizon!!

Once known as Dave's Grocery it is now a purveyor of breakfast and lunch along with some groceries and various antiques and collectibles. Pam Graves who owns the grocery was so gracious as she waited on us and told us  about the lunch special. The store seems to be popular in this small community on the outskirts of Huntsville.

I love the cotton wreaths on the double doors. This old store reminds me of Goswick's Store in my home county.  I guess a lot of old country stores were much alike.

The menu  on the wall included breakfast and lunch features. If you like Souse you can get it here. If you don't know what souse is, look it up. I will pass on the souse meat but many old timers love it.

Some of the pottery and art work for sale. Most of the proceeds went to mission work.

We all had something different for lunch. Deborah tried the special...meatloaf, mashed potatoes and green beans with a piece of cornbread.  It looked yummy. I sorta wish I had chosen that!! I had a roast beef sandwich while Susan tried the salad plate.( chicken salad and pimento cheese I believe). We enjoyed our lunch and passed on the desserts though they look good. They came from the Mennonite Grocery store where I love to shop.

Last night we attended a Pampered Chef party at Susan's house. I am not a gadget person but I love the Pampered Chef products. I had a pizza stone that I know I purchased back in the early 90s and it fell out of the cabinet and broke into 100 pieces. At least it seemed like that many when I swept it up.! I was so upset but Susan told me not to worry she was thinking of having a party. Of course I will have to season my new one and it will take at least a year to get a patina on it. I used my stone to heat up leftovers in the oven. It did a great job at crisping up leftover food.  I also enjoy my brownie pan which is rather like a muffin pan but has rectangular cups. No more brownies that tear apart when you cut them!!

I caught up with several ladies who I had not seen in a while. Glenda told me that she enjoyed reading  my blog and that made my day.  I am thankful for all you readers who enjoy keeping up with my adventures in NoAla.

I am off to MOPs today. It is can that fail to be a fun meeting with chocolate as the theme.  And this afternoon Marvin and I will head to Chatsworth to check on the progress of the little house. Here is a sneak peek...Dry Wall is up!!! See you Monday!!


Sandy said...

Sounded like a fun day. I hate to see farmland turn into developments too. Renovate and redo the current neighborhoods is what I say. Lots of that is going on here, since there is no more land.
Can't wait to see the update on the cabin. It is moving fast.

Anonymous said...

Cute place for lunch with your friends. Reminds me very much of Batesville Gen. Store/diner in Clarkesville GA. Exciting that the dry wall is up. Wishing you safe travel and a delightful weekend. Take lots of pics to share!

Terri D said...

What fun that place sounds! I really like places that serve homey (comfort) food! The drywall is up!! Moving along nicely!! I know you enjoyed MOPS!

Linda said...

I love tagging along on your adventures!
SO excited for you in the progress on your little house!!!!

Mari said...

That looks like such a fun place to visit!
A friend is having a pampered chef catalog party. I love the stones too. If you see any must haves at the party you'll have to let me know. :)
Hooray for drywall!

Karen said...

That restaurant reminds me of places in Georgia from the 60's. Nice that you had a good lunch and a great time together.

doodles n daydreams said...

It sounds like you had a lovely day out and some delicious food as well. Sometimes it's good to leave the city and try other places for a change.