Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Stream

Good Evening...Susan and I are off to breakfast in the morning so I am posting this evening.

1. We are just back from Marvin's birthday dinner. If you are ever on I 65 in North Alabama, stop in Cullman, Alabama and have a meal at All Steak.  We both had steaks but they offer lots of options. At the end of each meal, you get a hot orange roll. ( Free Dessert!!).  Cullman is a neat town, settled by the Germans, they have a nice Oktoberfest every fall.  And my favorite store, Kernel Kullman is located in the historic district. Sadly they had already closed for the day when we arrived in Cullman. If you want some delicious flavored pop corn, Kernel Kullman is for you!!

2. Little House Update....HVAC, electric and plumbing are in. We have been warned that the finishing takes a while. Marvin and I have been checking out antique shops and such looking for furniture. We did find  a nice tv stand as well as two Jenny Lind twin beds for the guest room.  Our garage is becoming very crowded.

3. Stitching update...I have been enjoying Floss Tube as well as the Facebook sites, Stitch Maynia and Cross Stitch Finish Line.  I get so inspired by all the beautiful stitching. At present I am working on three pieces, rotating them each day.  The first piece is a Christmas ornament for Audrey which should be finished soon. The second piece is a Gingerbread House by Little House Needleworks and finally February by Prairie Schooler. You know I have to be working on a Prairie Schooler.  This one reads...February brings hearts ornate and reveals if Winter leaves early or late.   I finished the cute little groundhog today.

4. Reading  update...I am reading The Mannings by Lars Anderson.  I saw Peyton Manning on tv the other day. He had come to watch his alma mater, Tennessee, play Alabama( Roll Tide!) and he graciously gave a half time interview.  I was really impressed by this young man so when I saw this book on the New Books shelf at the library, I checked it out.  It is an interesting read about Archie Manning and how he passed his love of football on to his three boys!

5. Has anyone seen Girl on a Train? I read the book and I wanted to see the movie, but I have heard mixed reviews on this picture. Suggestions???Should I just catch it later?

6. Well that is about all I have for this evening.  I am off doing some errands tomorrow so maybe I will find something to share with y'all on Friday!! I have not been to TJ Maxx in several weeks so I need to get my fix!!

Have a great day friends!!


Anonymous said...

Your hubby's bdy dinner sounds good. Have fun tomorrow and be sure to share what goodies you find!

Leslie Anne Tarabella said...

I love Cullman and need to get up that way again soon. Glad all is going well with you!

Linda said...

You have been a very busy lady!! I am so happy for you and your little house! What fun posts will be coming from your time there!

Sandy said...

You are as busy as me. I haven't even had time to stop and post. Whew! I am heading to Auburn for the weekend, so I am just going to let it go until next week.

Terri D said...

How great that the wiring and HVAC system are in place in the little house! Wow!! Won't be long now. Glad your birthday celebration was fun (and delicious). If I ever get up to northern Alabama, you will be the first to know and can tell us where we need to explore! I read the book Girl on a Train and did finish it but I wasn't so impressed that I will go to the movie to see it. I'll wait for Netflix, I think. I'm sure you had a great breakfast with Susan!