Friday, October 7, 2016

Trick or Treat

Here is my Door Hanger that I painted last night...I may add a bow at the top to jazz it up a bit.  I did miss having  Amelia with me as my painting partner.  I picked up her witches hat and she will get it done later.

This is the sample they had on display.   Their candy corn was a mini can see a bit of it here.  He was cute but I am a traditionalist.

We finally got in touch with Marvin's sister and they are staying put in Savannah. Marvin's cousins are staying as well so I am praying that they will be ok when Matthew comes their way. Mina says they have provisions and generators so they feel prepared. I also spoke to my sis in law, Amy, who lives in the Keys. She said they were getting some rain but the hurricane by passed them.  They are more concerned about the loop that Matthew may take and come back at them next week.

Tina had asked for my Pimento Cheese recipe so I will add it. I believe I have posted it before but here goes for the new readers..

Dilled Pimento Cheese
16 oz colby cheese....grated
12 oz swiss cheese...grated
3 c mayonaise
8 0z jar pimento( drain as much as possible.)
2 t dill weed
pepper to taste.

I am not a pimento cheese fan but I like this recipe. It is thick and works well as an appetizer served with crackers.  I took it to my MOPs group and many were like me, they thought they did not like pimento cheese but this was very tasty.   You can experiment with the mayo..some people do not use as much as called for in the recipe. As I said, it makes a lot so you can also easily halve the amount.

Tina I am mailing your giveaway package today so be on the lookout for it next week.

I won't be posting tomorrow but I will be back with lots of pictures on Monday!! Have a blessed weekend.


Anonymous said...

Good Morning, Praying for everyone affected by the storm.

I love your door hanger. You did an great job!

Enjoy your weekend and take lots of pics!
Thx for the recipe.

Tina said...

So happy to hear that your loved ones are well and safe. Prayers for them and everyone in the path of the hurricane. Your candy corn is so cute, the lettering is fantastic! Thanks so much for the recipe, it sounds delicious and I'm planning to make it soon. I'm excited to receive the giveaway prize, thank you so much! Have a great weekend and can't wait to see more progress on your little house!

Betsy Brock said...

You are all ready for Halloween!

That cheese sounds really yummy....

Sally said...


I LOVE the door hangers you made! Cuter than some that I see for sale on blogs at very high prices.
You have encouraged me to try to make some myself.

I do not believe it! Southern girls that don't like pimento cheese?!
Have a great day, Arlene!


Linda said...

Your painting projects look so good! Bet you had fun doing them!
I'm with you on the P. Cheese......and I'm going to try your recipe! LD loves PC but I'm not a huge fan. This would be good for my art class ladies! Have fun this weekend! We are going home later this morning and I'm going to have some time to catch up on your posts!

Julie's Creative Lifestyle said...

I love your cute Halloween decorations. I will have to try out that pimento cheese recipe too.
Enjoy the weekend Arlene. :)

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Mildred I added a black and white striped bow and it just "made" it as we say down here. I hope y'all enjoy the pimento cheese. The recipe is from Cotton Country 2 cookbook. It was published by the Junior League of Morgan County several years ago now. The original Cotton Coutny Cookbook, published in the 1960s is a real treasure. Sally, some of us just did not get the pimento cheese memo but the dill flavoring takes this pimento cheese up a notch. Linda glad you held up for a week of babysitting. You and LD are rock stars. Julie, thank you for the compliment. I enjoy trying my hand at new things.

Terri D said...

Your painting project turned out great! The witch's hat is cute too. Hope your family in Savannah are okay. Matthew is headed their way. We are so lucky here in central Florida. Praying for all in Matthew's path.

Mari said...

I've never had pimento cheese, but it sounds good.
Love your door hanger!

Carol said...

A very cute sign, Arlene! And thank you for the recipe--it sounds so tasty :)