Saturday, November 5, 2016

Little House and Little Girl

My sister, Kristi, sent me some pictures of progress this week along with some photos she took last weekend.

Siding is on all the way around. And though this picture does not show it, the railing and steps are in!( No more climbing the ladder and hoping for the best!!) I hate ladders. Some of my worst nightmares include the climbing of high ladders.

The side view!! The leaves are so pretty.

While we wish those were rain clouds in the distance, it is smoke from a forest fire. We need rain so badly!  When I was a little girl, older people would say that if we needed rain, we were not paying our preachers enough! Raise his pay and get some rain.:)

Now some from last weekend...

Father and son committee meeting...

Charles is washing down the beam we hope to use for our fireplace.  The ends will be cut off to fit. We are not sure how old this piece of wood is but it  was in an old house in the area and my Daddy reclaimed it.

I love this picture of me and my Audrey.

That face....oh my. I could cover it with kisses.

Today I get to see all my other grands as they are coming here for Landon and Hudson's birthday. We were going to Amelia's house but they are having some work done in the kitchen and it was easier to move the party here.  Maybe Todd will take us for hayrides at Thanksgiving!!


Anonymous said...

I love seeing the updated photos of your little house. The porch will be so nice! We are very dry here, also. Hoping for rain soon. Have a great weekend.

Terri D said...

Your house in the woods is coming along FAST!! Just beautiful. Audrey is indeed a precious sweetheart! That face just begs for kisses from Grandma!! Have a fun party!

Linda said...

Your Audrey is percious!
I am so excited about your house! It is looking fantastic! And in such a scenic area!
Sounds like you are going to have a busy day! Have fun!

Mari said...

Your little house is looking so cute and is in such a gorgeous area. Speaking of gorgeous - Audrey is just beautiful!

sharon said...

Love seeing your little house. Aren't granddaughters the greatest. 😃