Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Old and New

When I pull out my Christmas Decor, there are old favorites that make me smile and then there are new things I purchased that I had forgotten all about and I am happy to see a new trinket or two. I know I need to STOP buying Christmas things but I cannot help myself.

This is a bell pretending to be a little girl.  I received her in 1977. I was working at Oak Ridge Methodist Hospital in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. One of the nurses I worked with named Rosella, gave this to me.  I believe Hallmark made this sweet girl.  She has a rather 70s look doesn't she?

This little house was part of the Hallmark Sarah Plain and Tall series. I am not sure of the year but I wanted to collect them and only got one.It just occurred to me that I could look on EBAY...or as a friend calls it The Bay of Evil because it is so tempting.:)

I did get one new ornament this year.

One of my MOPS moms made this one. She is selling them to pay for her new Cricut that she purchased.  I just love it and I like helping out the young moms who have home businesses so they can stay home with their little ones.

Thanks for your prayers for Gatlinburg. I was watching a news broadcast this morning and the reporter was interviewing a local resident. She asked what they needed( I am sure she meant in the way of supplies etc). The man looked straight at the camera with tears in his eyes and said, Prayer!! So keep those prayers going up. Downtown Gatlinburg is intact but several hotels and many cabins in the area were lost. We are getting a good soaking rain and I pray that east Tennessee and North Carolina get it too.  Along with  the rain we had some tornadoes but hey, we are all okay. There are some trees down and power lines on the ground but we are used to dealing with that here in Tornado Alley.

Off to do some Christmas errands today. And tomorrow I will announce the winner of my December Giveaway. I decided to take the names of all 11 winners and put them in a drawing for the December Giveaway. I have so enjoyed doing these giveaways this year. It has been a lot of fun.


Cranberry Morning said...

It is certainly tragic about the fires. So many feeling devastation today.

I laughed at your comment about the kitten. :-) I've heard that MOPS is a great organization. Pretty ornament. I always buy one new ornament each year.

Sandy said...

I love both of your little treasures. I loved Sarah, Plain and Tall.
I do hope they get the much needed rain. It is so sad...such a beautiful area.

Preppy Empty Nester said...

Arlene... I LOVED Sarah Plain and Tall! I think I've seen it about 20 times. Great pic of you by the darling girl bell. Have a great week.

Tina said...

I love all the ornaments and you reminded me how much I love Sarah Plain and Tall! Definitely need to watch it for the umpteenth time again soon. The news about Gatlinburg is breaking my heart. Praying for their recovery and healing. You've been so generous having your giveaways all year and I've enjoyed seeing what you've chosen each month! Have a wonderful day!

Terri D said...

Your holiday treasures are great! That personalized ornament is beautiful. I hope your friends has great success with her business! Your giveaways have been so fun this year! Thanks from all of us for doing that!

Linda said...

I remember Sarah Plain and Tall! You have some really special memories. I love that. Prayers for rain.....