Thursday, November 3, 2016

Thanksgiving Coffee Bar

I updated my coffee bar for Thanksgiving! I found the HUGE coffee mugs at TJ Maxx and thought they would look great holding my tea and Hot Chocolate.  The cute Turkey napkins and plates remind us to Give Thanks.

Congrats to the Chicago Cubs!! We went to bed not knowing who won so we got a happy surprise this morning.  We have some Grimm family in Chi Town who are celebrating the win. And No, as far as we know we are not related to Justin Grimm, the relief pitcher for the Cubbies but we will claim him anyway!

Speaking of Winners....The winner of the November giveaway is Sharon! Sharon is a high school friend of mine who found me again via Nanaland. She reads my blog and sends me comments via email so I always throw her name in the pot for the giveaways. Congrats Sharon. I hope to get this in the mail soon.

Only one more that possible? When I started my year of giveaways it seemed it would be so difficult for me to come up with something each month. I do have something up my sleeve for the December Giveaway so it is just a matter of getting it done!

Off to Cracker Barrel this morning for our Friend Day...then some errands. Hoping we might get a little rain today! Prayers going up for it as we need it desperately.  Have a blessed day friends.


Sandy said...

I think I have forgotten what rain looks like. I think I would just be so happy to see and hear it.
Love your Thanksgiving bar.

Summer said...

Nice bar setting ♥

Anonymous said...

I love your coffee bar. Those big mugs are perfect for holding cocoa and tea. Congrats to your Nov. winner. Hope your day goes well. We have fingers crossed for rain too.

Leslie Anne Tarabella said...

We need the rain here too! Our church youth bonfire had to go fire-less this year!

Mrs.T said...

Love that coffee bar. Those huge mugs are gorgeous!

Mari said...

Congratulations to Sharon! I know she'll enjoy that gift.
I love your coffee bar! It looks so inviting.