Saturday, November 19, 2016

Thanksgiving Thoughts

Today is our family Thanksgiving Dinner.  I am thankful that Amelia is opening her home to our family. She and Todd have a lovely home and some nice acreage for the kiddos to run wild on today. You can be sure I am charging up my camera battery for some pictures to share next week.

Marvin and I had a busy day yesterday. We started off at the Christmas Bazaar. I am just going to say that I was a bit disappointed in the Bazaar this year. There were lots of baked goods and casseroles, which were going like hot cakes but low on the crafts this year. I had gone in search of a Stackable nativity that had been posted on their  web page and when I got there at 9:20 they were all GONE! But thankfully my sweet long time friend, Susan Bedsole, called me up to say that the young lady who made them was taking orders for more. Put my name on that list!!  Marvin asked me if I really needed any more nativities. Silly man!! ( And ladies that is why you do not take men shopping with you!!)

After our stop at the church, we went to Lowes where the Christmas trees were on sale. I am giving my old prelit tree to Ben and Katy. I decided I wanted one that offers both white lights and colored can change at a whim.  Now that is TECHNOLOGY! Marvin loaded it up for me and it is in the garage waiting to be assembled later in the week.

On to Publix for grocery shopping and fighting over who is going to push the buggy! I can see that retirement is going to be an adjustment if Marvin wants to go to the grocery store with me.

We made it home, unloaded the car and had a bite to eat before going to Kayleigh's funeral. It was a real tribute to that little lady and her family.

Back home and I decided I just might have done too much so I laid down for a nap. Well it was then everyone I know started texting me. So I gave up on that and did some quiet stitching.

Dinner was at Alphonso's pizza with our dear friends, the Gosnells.  We always have a good time with them, laughing and talking.

And finally late last night, we got RAIN! It was not much but we are so grateful for it! I have to share a story that my cousin told on Facebook. He works at a local restaurant in Chatsworth and the fire fighters have been coming in to eat. He said that he has yet to see a fire fighter pay for his/her meal. The local community is so grateful to them they are glad to pay their bill. Now people, that almost made me tear up.  People are still grateful and appreciative of those who put their lives on the line to stop these forest fires.

On a sad note, my Aunt Edith passed away yesterday. But on a happy note, she was a believer, in her 90s and in poor health so we rejoice in knowing she has a new body today!  One of the sweetest memories I have of Aunt Edith took place on the day my Granddad Henderson was killed in an automobile accident. Aunt Edith and Aunt Jannelle came over to stay with me and my sisters while my parents went to attend to all the business that a sudden death causes in a  family.  I remember many hugs and assurances that everything would be alright and my teen age self took great comfort in that.

So hold your family a little closer today, enjoy each other, let bygones be bygones and remember that God put you in your own family for a reason!!


Sandy said...

I chuckled at your comment about Marvin wondering if you have too many Nativities. I would think it will be hard to adjust having the spouse home everyday. I KNOW it will be for me. I look forward to him not having to work, but whew...I know he will be trying to rearrange my days.
I miss the old days of craft fairs. Not so many cute things anymore. Have we just lost all our imaginations. I know I don't craft near as much as I did.
IT was a sweet read today!

Barbara said...

I did not know they had Christmas trees with lights that could be switched from white to colored. How exciting. Luckily I have just put up my tree so I won't be tempted for another year. Well, I may look for an after Christmas sale. LOL>