Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Stream

1.  I went for my two week check up yesterday and Dr S says all is looking good. I cannot walk my 10,000 steps daily for two more weeks. I was disappointed to hear that but I am going to follow orders. Apparently take it easy means take it easy.

2. Do you remember where you were on Nov 22 1963?  I was in the third grade...outside for our last recess of the day when children began saying that President Kennedy had been shot in the head. One boy in our class had heard the principal tell our teacher.  We all accused him of fibbing.( If anyone in the class was going to start a rumor, it would be this particular boy, not known for truth and honor! He probably heard this info while sitting in the principal's office)  It was the second big shock of my childhood...the Cuban missile crisis being the first.  There were no safe rooms back then. You depended on your teachers and your parents for assurance and you got it too!

3. Target has all their toys 20% off this week. I stopped in there after the drs appointment to pick up some things for the grands.  Whitney Pendell who blogs at Come Home for Comfort, noted that even the Dollar Spot at the front of the store had some cute toys for $3.  I did put a dent in my shopping and now I need to place my Amazon order to complete the list for all the grands.  Amazon is also having some good sales pre black Friday.

4. I did put up a few Christmas things yesterday and I was waiting for Marvin to make a comment about it but I was sneaky and they are discreet so I think I got away with it.  I will depend on him to help with the bigger items.

5. I am re reading some old cozy mysteries with a holiday theme. We Wish You a Merry Murder by Valerie Wolzien. Featuring Susan Henshaw, upscale suburban housewife and quasi sleuth.  I always enjoy reading about the upper crust in Connecticut.  Even though I know who the murderer is, I still enjoy the story. Here is one all my South of the Mason Dixon line readers will enjoy, Hark the Herald Angel Screamed by Mignon Ballard. And yes the lady in the choir procession really screamed.LOL  I will probably read Red Bird Christmas by Fannie Flagg as well. If you have never read that short book, I recommend it. I do think it is my favorite of Fannie Flagg's writings. It will put you in the Christmas spirit.

6. Does anyone else have Christmas china/ironstone that they use during the holidays? I have a set of Ironstone that my inlaws gifted to us over the years and it will be washed and readied for the holiday season this week.  I also picked up four more of the acrylic glasses with Christmas trees at Target yesterday.  Target really has some pretty Christmas things this year. I was also on the search for the plates with the truck and the Christmas tree that I had seen on Mrs Erica's you tube channel. She had purchased four to use as salad plates. I could only find one at my local Target.  I wanted to have some on hand for sandwiches etc. They were a bargain at $1.99.

7. One of my floss tube friends says that Instagram is an enabler for stitchers. You see something someone is working on and you want that pattern too! I think the blog world is similar. When I see posts about Target finds etc, it makes me want to go hunting for the same thing! But today I am off to my needlework shop to get some material for new projects. Let's see how strong my resolve is there today. I am sure I will come home with more than two pieces of fabric and floss!!

Have a good day y'all!!


Sandy said...

I missed commenting yesterday on your great family photos. I noticed you weren't in them. We are the picture takers. I am sure it was great to have all your family together and Amelia is a sweetie to host.
I went shopping in Pensacola with Lindsay and Mama yesterday. It was pretty crowded for before Thanksgiving. They are both wanting to go early out to the outlet malls in South Walton on Friday. I will go them, but I can't concentrate to make a purchase with that many people. I will gather ideas and go back one early morning during the week. I love that I can do that now!
Have a great Thanksgiving, and I am itching to put up Christmas too, especially since we are spending it at the farm. I took all of my fall down to give myself a breather from the decorations.

Heather said...

Glad to hear that you are doing better! I have been buying christmas things at Michaels lately. Being one of the people that helps to put it all up, I have seen all the cute things. The christmas stuff has been on sale this week and I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to get some new stuff! I was also able to get some christmas tree scented jar candles yesterday 4/$10! Awesome deals this week! I'm so excited to get all the Christmas decorations out!

Terri D said...

On this day in 1963, I was in Jr. High band practice. Our director told us what happened to President Kennedy and we were all sent home early. It is one of those dates in history you never forget (if you lived through it).

Glad to hear your doctor is happy with your progress, and also happy to hear you are paying attention to his orders to take it easy for a couple more weeks! Good advice!

I don't have special holiday china so have to rely on table linens and centerpieces to liven things up! I always enjoy Fannie Flagg's books! I haven't read the one you mentioned so will have to check on it.