Monday, November 14, 2016

This and That

Sorry to be late posting this morning but some sweet friends came to have coffee with me since I am still on driving restrictions.

I had mentioned the fires in North Georgia. Here are some of Kristi's pictures of the smoke in our valley.

The sun looks muted through the smoky haze.

The air quality is causing many to have respiratory issues. I have also heard that those who have migraine headaches are suffering as well.  If you would join with the people of North Georgia in praying at nine am and nine pm. We pray for rain as well as the safety of the men who are fighting these fires.  Special prayer services are popping up in the community  as well. Many are taking supplies to the fire fighters.  Wet wipes, hard candies, granola bars and chap stick were the top needs. While this is devastating to my home town, the people are pulling together in prayer and in action.

From something sad to something fun...

Audrey went to see Santa Claus. And she did not cry!  I am seeing more of her daddy in this picture.  Every now and then we see a few Tankersley/ Grimm genes pop up!  Charles, Nancy and Audrey will be coming this weekend for an early Thanksgiving and I can't wait to see this little bug.

Well I am going to just sit on the sofa and stitch for a while. Its a hard job but I am up to it!


Karen said...

Beautiful Santa photo of Audry. (My kids all cried!)
Praying for a rainy night in Georgia!

Terri D said...

Linda, in Chattanooga, posted some very scary pictures of fire in the mountains. I will pray that you all get rain and SOON!

I can't wait to hear about your early Thanksgiving! Please do take pictures to share! Happy stitching and continue to take care and heal before doing too much!

Anonymous said...

Arlene, joining you in prayer for rain.

Audrey looks so pleased to be sitting in Santa's lap. Boy, the Santas start early. I remember when they didn't start until after Thanksgiving.

Mari said...

I'm praying for rain too!
That is the sweetest photo of Audrey. :)

Arlene Grimm said...

Thanks y'all... I am crushing on that picture of our sweet girl. She is adorable. Keep those prayers going up for Georgia, Tennessee and North Carolina. This is the worst that I can remember in my life time.