Monday, December 19, 2016

A Tale of Two Books

I am giving you a break from Little House and Christmas pictures today to tell you a story of two books and two blog giveaways.

My sweet blog friend, Mari, had a giveaway on her blog not long ago and I won this beautiful book. I thought I would put it in my Nana Book Box and share it with my grands but God had other plans for this little book. I mentioned that I had a party for some ladies who are getting back on their feet after making poor decisions.  Well one of these young ladies is doing so well that she will be allowed to take custody of her two year old son. She mentioned to me that she wanted to be a better mother and to teach her little one about Jesus.  I felt God nudge me to give her the book I had just won and I have learned not to argue with God. :) I told her I had won this book in a give away and I wanted her to have it as it tells the story of Jesus' birth in such a sweet and childlike manner.  This young mom was so happy to take the book home with her to share with her son.  I contacted Mari to tell her what I had done and she was as happy as I was at this turn of events. We just never know how we can be used of God unless we put our trust in Him and obey His direction.

Just the other day I looked at my email and I had an email from Rhoda of Southern Hospitality fame! I was so excited. She was emailing to tell me I had won the book, All the Pretty Things, from her recent giveaway.  Apparently one of the original winners did not get back in touch with Rhoda so I was second runner up. This just makes me think that I am supposed to read this book which is written by Edie Wadsworth..   You may remember Rhoda's post about Edie. Several Christmases ago her newly built house burned to the ground and only a few things were recovered.  I look forward to reading her book about All the pretty things that we get focused on and sometimes we forget the most important things are NOT things. I am guilty of this...I had to give myself a talking to about my little house. That it does not have to be decorated right away, it can evolve but I struggle with wanting it all done NOW.  I will do a book review on this book and when I am finished with it, I may pass it on in a giveaway.

These two stories remind me of  the far reaching effects of the blogging world. Reaching out over the internet we never know whose lives we may influence. I am so thankful for all my blog friends and how you encourage me each day with your comments, love and prayers.


Karen said...

How wonderful that you were able to be a blessing to the young mother.

Terri D said...

God's amazing grace!! His blessings are always there if we just listen and see! I loved this post!!

Anonymous said...

How kind of you. Love the house. MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY,HEALTHY
New Year full of blessings.
Marion and family

Mrs.T said...

What a wonderful post, Arlene! Isn't that the most amazing thing. Something only God could orchestrate!

As for having to give yourself a talking-to about wanting the little house all done right away -- we have been learning about contentment in Sunday School. I find that I am being challenged with contentment at every turn!

Mari said...

I love this whole thing! God is always at work, and sometimes we are able to catch a glimpse of it!

Anonymous said...

Doesn't it feel wonderful when we listen to God's voice and are so blessed in sharing! Thank you for such a sweet story.