Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Ask Siri

I ask Siri lots of things and most of the time she understands my Southern Accent.  She understands my husband very well. One time we were traveling, stuck in traffic and trying to find an alternate route but Siri was no help at all. My husband told Siri something rude that she could do...I will leave it to your imaginations. Siri calmly replied that his request was beyond her capabilities. We both just died laughing and it lightened the mood while I dug out a PAPER map and found an alternate route to Atlanta from Macon.  So old school for the win!!

A friend suggested we ask Siri what she is doing for Christmas...I thought that sounded like fun so here is Siri's reply to me.

Glad someone is spreading the Christmas Cheer.

Here at Nanaland we are pretty busy. I am finishing up my shopping today. Then I have to drive to Huntsville this evening for Marvin's retirement dinner! Yes he is retiring on December 22nd but going back part time on January 3rd.  Tomorrow we are picking up our small Haul truck to move all our things to the little house. Even though we are not taking a whole house of things, I am busy trying to decide what goes. Add to that, I have a Christmas party tomorrow night for the ladies at Refuge of Grace, a local ministry. Our Sunday School Class does a party for these ladies each year here at my house.  I am telling myself to just take one moment at a time and not to stress over all that is going on.  Stitching also helps...

I started this piece, Snow Place Like Home by Country Cottage Needleworks.  The little house is done now so I am on to the tree and the snowman. It is a small piece that I plan to finish myself and display on an easel near by Snowman vignette come January. I have enjoyed stitching these pretty blue colors.

Hope you all have a Wonderful Wednesday!!


Sandy said...

I totally understand the busy days and trying to stay calm. I am excited for Marvin, because even though it is still working it will be a bit less. He might even find that helps him ease into retirement. I know that doing that science job I did for the last three helped me.
Have fun with the cabin. We are going to ours at the end of December for a day or two. I love that I have it real simple, so I can truly relax.

Julie's Creative Lifestyle said...

Hi Arlene, you are in the same situation as me and just sooo busy with everything for the holidays. I hope you are have a wonderful rest of the week.
Julie xo

Linda said...

What a funny story about Siri! We use Google maps and I don't think I've ever even spoken to Siri! I intend to do that today
Congratulations on your house! Can't wait to see you in it!

Terri D said...

One moment-one day at a time is a great plan Arlene! We have fun asking Alexa (Amazon Echo) questions too, and she sang happy birthday to me! I'll have to ask her what she is doing for Christmas. I'm so excited for you that your little house is done and you are moving things in!! Pictures when you can, please!!

Mari said...

I'm so happy that your move is right around the corner. It does make for an even busier season though. Bob has Siri on his phone and asks her all kinds of funny questions.