Monday, December 5, 2016

Birthdays Galore

The first week of December is a big week in the Ben Grimm Family. Margaret starts it off on December 2nd, Elliott celebrates today, December 5th and Ben ends the party tomorrow as he turns 38! And how did my baby get to 38???

Here is Margaret with her new American Girl Doll.

She was thrilled with her gift.

And she had a great overnight at Nana and Grandpa's where she was the star of the show.

Bath done, pjs on, cuddled up in Nana's Matilda Jane blanket, eating Neapolitan ice cream while watching Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.  Life is good at Nana's house.

And today is Benjamin Elliott Grimm's birthday.

The Grimm Men three years ago today.

Our Elliott is such a love. His nickname is the Judge as he can give you a look over that will make you wonder what is he thinking??? That look reminds me so much of the one my Daddy used to give us if we got out of line.   Yesterday when we arrived at the party, Elliott made his way over to me for a hug and kiss and told me, "Thank your for coming to my party." Then he went to Grandpa and told him the same thing.  It was so sweet. Once I am off restrictions for lifting, this boy is coming to Nana's house for some spoiling.

Also at the party, Baylor came over to me and said, "Patty Cake" clear as day. He loves to play patty cake with Nana.  We have not seen a lot of progress lately but God has really been working in my heart about our spectrum boy. God placed Baylor in our family and he is teaching me so much about unconditional love. He also teaches me about sacrifice as I see Ben and Katy, Margaret and Elliott give up many normal things to accommodate Baylor. Yesterday there were two Christmas trees in their home. A small one in the family room with colored lights and a bigger tree in the living room with clear lights. There were no ornaments on the trees and a guest asked Katy when she would be decorating the trees. Katy gently explained that Baylor likes to pull the ornaments off the tree so they just have lights.   Katy is always explaining things to others and she does it so graciously. So keep those prayers going up...we need them.

Off to do some errands today, Mrs T I am taking your give away gift to the post office!! Then some more Christmas shopping!! I am closing in on  the end of my Christmas list.


Sandy said...

Seeing all your grandkid pics make me know I am going to love it. Christmas decorations are just a little sweeter through the eyes of a child. Sending up prayers on Baylor's behalf, but for all of you too. Maybe one day all this modern medicine will be able to figure that out.

Terri D said...

Your family photos are always so great! Margaret looks content and so happy snuggled in with her ice cream!! Birthday celebrations are very special! Keeping Baylor in my prayers!

Mrs.T said...

Wonderful photos! Loved seeing Margaret enjoying her ice cream all snuggled up. And the one with her new doll! What a sweet girl she is. When I pray for Baylor I not only pray for him and for Ben and Katy, of course, but for Margaret and even little Elliott that they will know just how to interact with Baylor.

And you know, I have been praying for him to say "Hi, Nana", but it seems to me "Patty Cake" is pretty special. He clearly identifies you with playing Patty Cake. So many answers to prayer seen in this post.

Leslie Anne Tarabella said...

I've been catching up on your blog from the past week when I've been away, and the one thing that jumps out at me is how blessed you are with so many wonderful family members around you. I guess deep inside, I wonder what would happen if my boys grew up and moved far away and then my husband died first. I know that sounds horrible to think about, but going from a busy, loud house full of teenagers to being alone is not something I want to ever have to do. You are so completely loved, and that indeed is a blessing!
(and now you think I'm weird for thinking terrible thoughts!).

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Sandy, I cannot wait for you to be a fellow Nana. You just can't imagine the joy. Thank you Mrs T for praying for the entire family. It really does impact each and every one of them. Leslie Anne, I do not think you are weird at all. Today I had my annual mammogram and I was really stewing over it as I have a dear friend who is undergoing treatment for that awful disease. I had imagined all kinds of things in my head. But one thing I do know, no matter what happens I can trust God to be with me in the storm and I know you feel the same way. That old liar, Satan, likes to make us think these things. Sometimes I just tell myself, I refuse to think about this!! And it really helps me.