Tuesday, December 20, 2016

C is for Chatsworth, Christmas and Cows

One of the things my grands look forward to most in Chatsworth is seeing the cows. Uncle Bruce calls them all up to the barn and some of the cows will let the children pet them.  Baylor LOVES the cows and always has since he was a tiny boy.  Here is one of my favorite pictures of Baylor, taken by my sister, Kristi.

Aunt Mimi was helping him get up on the gate to see the cows.  Love the smiles on both these faces.

Hampton was too cool to climb on the fence like these sillies.

 Country Girls at heart.


The whole crew.

Looks like Landon is working on those front teeth...maybe not in time for Christmas!

Kristi got a few pictures of Grandpa and me with a few of the grands.

Me and my girlies.

Grandpa gets some loving too.  The boys are not much for posing and poor Elliott was home with Katy as he had 101 degree fever.  We sure did miss them.

My pretty niece, Laura, with Audrey.

We had a good time visiting and we were sad we did not get a family picture this year but it would not be a family picture without Katy and Elliott.

I hope to get a picture of me and Marvin at the little house next week that we can send out as a New Year's card. I might even type up a Christmas letter!!


Terri D said...

Such a beautiful family!! The pictures are terrific! Love the one of you and your girlies especially!

Anonymous said...

Such lovely family photographs (almost everyone!). The grands look so happy to be on the farm.

I think that things at home have finally settled down and I am back to blogging at with twigs and branches. I've been feeling very crafty (bwahaha) and this blog suits this season. xo

Leslie Anne Tarabella said...

What a charming group of homesteaders you have! Cuter than any wobbly-legged calf!

Susan Graben said...

Only thing missing was a picture of the COWS!