Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Grimmwood Visitors

One of the best times of the weekend was sharing the little house with our children. Each of the kids received a key to Grimmwood as part of their Christmas gift. Ben is not in the pictures below as he came later in the afternoon while I kept an eye on Baylor for him.  We hope they will use this little house to keep in touch with their north Georgia roots.

The porch swing was a big hit. Margaret said that the house was boring as I had no snacks and we do not have a tv yet.

Hudson and Landon.

These two are still best friends. ( And they could be twins with their matching colors.)

Audrey had to watch from inside.

One day I will be a big kid too!

Hampton came to visit too.

Nancy, Todd and Marvin working on a coffee pot malfunction.

Amelia is recovering from bunion surgery so she was looking for a comfortable chair.

Audrey likes the rocking chair too.

Audrey and Aunt Mimi....the babies could not say Aunt Amelia so she got a nick name that lasts to this day.

Just swinging.

Audrey's Christmas outfit is on point!! Love those boots.

I did get one curtain up!  Thanks to my blog friend, Sandy at I Majored in Home Economics, for telling me about Piper Classics. I got some great Cyber Monday deals on curtains for the living room and kitchen.

I hope I will have more photos to show you when we return from our next visit. I hope to get things sorted out and in place with several days to work on decorating.

Have a wonderful Wednesday friends...hope everyone is ready for Christmas because it will be here soon.


Sandy said...

I can tell it is just going to be so cute. Love that curtain and I spy all those things you have been writing about. Aunt Mimi is so pretty and those kids...all are great.

Anonymous said...

Arlene, you Grimmwood is charming! The color of the floors is so rich and beautiful. I am looking forward to seeing more!

Carol said...

What a wonderful family you have--those little ones are so precious. Still waiting (not very patiently!) to become a grandma myself!

Terri D said...

Grimmwood is coming together beautifully, and having your family gathering there already is as it is designed to be! A lovely home away from home for everyone! Merry Christmas!

Mari said...

What a happy post! The little house is so cute and seeing it filled with your sweet family makes it even better!