Sunday, December 18, 2016

Little House in the Sorta Big Woods

We had a great weekend. Our trip to Georgia went so smoothly. I think we had some prayer support! If you said a prayer for us, thank you very much. We headed out at 8 am, Marvin in the Uhaul and I in my Minivan! We arrived in Chatsworth at 12:30 to find our contractor finishing work on the driveway. We had more gravel put down on the road to repair all the damage done by big trucks in and out.  We did some errands in town and when we returned we were given the all clear to bring the moving truck over.

Here is a picture of the little house, taken from my Mother's side yard.

Marvin had to get a picture of me playing Granny from the Beverley Hillbillies. 

Our contractor, Mont. He did a great job and we are so pleased with the final product. He was leaving our house to go get in a deer stand to do some hunting.

Here is our fireplace with the reclaimed wood from the barn. The old beam came from an old house in the neighborhood.

This was a big old beam!!

It's a Marvin sized mantle.

Our queen sized custom head board.  

Grimmwood at Foothills Farm. Thanks to my young friend, Lida, for the sign.

My kitchen...or at least part of it.

We will be swinging this spring and summer.

Our first visitor, my mother. 

So that is the first post in the Little House update. I have some more to share that I will save for other days. Marvin and I both feel very blessed to have this little piece of paradise to enjoy. Thanks for all you kind words and warm wishes as you have gone on this journey with us!


Karen said...

What a great place. Wonderful that your Mom could be with you, too. I have always wanted a porch with a swing. You will love that.

Mari said...

I've so been looking forward to these pictures! It's great to see everything ready for you. It looks so coy and inviting!

Terri D said...

Thank so much for sharing the photos!! I loved seeing you in the moving truck on the rocker! Very cute! I'm just so happy and excited for you all. Looking forward to the next group of photos!

Jan said...

I've been waiting to see pictures of your little house. It's wonderful! I know you'll have happy times there!

Sandy said...

Everything is wonderful. I love the cabinets. Hope you do:) The headboard and the mantle are perfect. I have a feeling it will be a place for many memories to be gathered. The woods are pretty now, but spring will be amazing.

Linda said...

I am so EXCITED for you guys!!! This is just wonderful!! However, I must have missed the part about your mother living so close! That makes it even better!!

Anonymous said...

So very happy for you. I love seeing the pictures and I wish you much joy and lots of great memories there. Merry Christmas.

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Thanks for all the lovely comments. It is good to return to your roots every now and then Hoping our children will use this place to keep in touch with their north Georgia family.

Leslie Anne Tarabella said...

So excited and happy for you! Building it must be fun, but decorating will be the next stage of fun!

Carol said...

Oh, what a cozy and warm looking house, Arlene! So glad your mom is nearby--you are blessed :)

Barbara said...

So glad for you to finally have your new home finished. I know you'll enjoy it so much.