Saturday, December 10, 2016

MOPs Christmas Crafts

Our MOPs Christmas Party is always fun! This year the Craft Coordinators outdid themselves. I brought home THREE new Christmas items.

But before I show you my crafts, I wanted to tell you a bit about my Christmas Devotional called Sweet Christmas. Julie Britnell posted this devotional online and I was happy to use it with my MOPs Moms.  The aim of the devotional is to grab the attention of your children when you are telling the Christmas story. Candy always lures me in, even at my older age.

1. Rocky Road Ice Cream...this should remind us of the arduous journey that Mary made from Nazareth to Bethlehem. And she was not riding in a mini van!!  Our pastor pointed out Sunday that no where in the Bible does it say Mary even rode a donkey to Bethlehem.

2. Sugar Babies....the sweetest of babies was born in a Manger and he would grow up to become our Savior

3. Candy Cane....reminds of the Shepherd's staff and that the Shepherds were the first to hear of the Savior's birth.

4. Almond Joy....The Shepherds rejoiced and went to see the baby in the stable.

5. Starburst....the Star proclaimed the place where the baby lay.

6. Smarties...  The Three Wise men were smart men who were awaiting the birth of a King.

7.Hershey Nuggets...reminds us of the Gold and other treasures that the Wise Men brought to Jesus

8. Dove... a symbol of peace this candy reminds us that we can all have peace in our hearts because of Jesus death on the cross.

I made up bags of these candies and gave them as door prizes for the mom with the newest baby, the most children, the member who had been attending MOPs the longest time and finally a mom with a preschooler and a teenager.( I thought she really needed that candy for herself!!).

Now...on to the crafts...

This one is a bit hard to see but we took paint stirrers and made Stars out of them. I am thinking of adding a Bible verse to mine with a white paint pen. The nativity is one of my favorites that Marvin purchased for me several years ago.

Have an old Jenga game gathering dust in your closet? Well you can make snowmen with them!!

And finally our little Christmas trees. I put mine by my Gingerbread village. Some of the girls framed theirs in frames but I like the simpler looks. I put mine on an easel. I really need an easel drawer because I have so many!! They are perfect for displaying all sorts of things.

Stephanie, our leader, made these beautiful ornaments for her steering committee.

Stephanie recently purchased the new Cricut machine that works with your computer to make fonts etc.   I love my  special ornament with my name on it. Arlene is not a name you find readily!!

So there you have it...we all had a great time just visiting as we worked. I am so thankful for these ladies. They are a joy and a delight!!


Terri D said...

The craft projects are all great! I love the button tree on burlap and like that you kept it simple, without a frame. The star made from paint stirrers is quite crafty! Love it! Thanks for sharing the photos! Your MOPs group really is special.

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Terri I always enjoy doing a new craft. And thank you for the beautiful Christmas card!!

Mari said...

I love your devotional! I will have to save that one.
Your crafts are very cute. We have MOPS Tuesday so we'll see what our crafty ladies come up with.

doodles n daydreams said...

It sounds like you had a fun day Arlene. And great ideaas for simple little ornaments. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.