Friday, December 23, 2016


When we were young, it seemed as if retirement was eons away. But it arrived at our house yesterday.
Marvin had his last day at work. At the end of the day, he had to turn in all his badges etc and was escorted from the property.( I told you we take security seriously here in NoAla.)

We went to Mellow Mushroom for dinner to celebrate.

He wore this t shirt to work...What part of ( some equation that I have no idea what it is..maybe Sandy would know!) Don't You Understand? Science guys can be quite humorous. Another guy who was retiring on Wednesday wore a t shirt that proclaimed, Never Underestimate the Power of An Old Man with a Physics Degree!

When I asked my sweet husband how he felt about retirement, he replied, "Excited and Scared at the same time."  That about sums it up for me as well. We hope we have made all the right decisions and that we will enjoy this season of life. However, we are wading into the waters instead of jumping right in. Marvin will work part time for another contractor but on the same project he has been working on for years now.    For now we will enjoy our two weeks off!


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Congrats to your handsome hubby! Working at jobs you enjoy but also being more flexible in the time you spend at them...something so nice about being retired! My hubby and I still stay very busy and love being retired! Hugs to you both, Diane

Debby said...

This happened for us this year. My husband kept working a day or so each week. I think he was really worried about not working. I think he finally likes it. We moved a year ago so that was a big but a smart move for us.
Have a great holiday and enjoy this time in your life.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Arlene! Having 2 weeks off will be wonderful! And Marvin working part time is the perfect solution!

Sandy said...

The formula is above elementary science I am sure!
IT is scary retiring. You think you are ready, but your days are so different AND also what people make it out to be and reality are often a bit different. It will disrupt your schedule a bit too:)
Hope you get to enjoy life together.

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Thanks for your congrats Ladies. I am sure it will be a learning curve but I look forward to having a walking partner! Thank goodness for a man cave. When we get on one another's nerves we can retreat to our own places.

Linda said...

Congratulations!!! Louis Dean often tells people he gets 'Tired AGAIN' instead of retired!! Y'all will have a ball!!!