Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Thankful for Rain

I just had to pop in and thank everyone who prayed for rain for the South. God is so Good. He has sent us four days of good soaking rain with more in the forecast.  The wildfires are out and the tired fire fighters are able to rest a bit.

I am so proud of my hometown, who made a big Thanksgiving dinner for those firemen who are far from home. First Baptist Church hosted the event and Ingles Grocery stepped up to the bat donating groceries for the dinner.  I saw that Smokey the Bear made an appearance to thank all the men working in the line of duty.

Please continue to pray for Gatlinburg, Tennessee and that whole area. The last count showed that 14 people lost their lives in the fire. I am sure that those numbers will go up.   This area depends on Tourism for their livelihood. Dolly Parton has made a generous donation to each family who lost their homes. She will give the families $1000 dollars a month until they are back on their feet. Dolly's foundation is the charity that is providing this money which is so generous.  I have to say that I have been impressed by the people of East Tennessee. This tragedy did not get a lot of news time and I think it is because the community pulled together and did not expect others to come to their rescue. These are the mountain people I know and love.  Even the Red Cross was surprised that they had so few people in the shelters but they promise to be there until every person is re housed.

God has used many things in recent days to remind me that my own concerns are pretty small potatoes compared to what many are going through right now.  When Margaret was here over the weekend, I felt the Lord reminding me to be glad my 7 year old granddaughter was snuggling with me and that made me hold that baby a little tighter. Another friend is battling breast cancer....when I got the call that my mammogram I had on Monday was normal, I praised God for that good news.  I confess I am guilty of having an ungrateful heart and God is reminding me of all my blessings.  One of my favorite Patch the Pirate Songs is My Hope is Jesus. ( If you have never heard of Patch, check him out at Majesty Music. His CDS are good for parents and children...and GRANDparents). As Christmas approaches, I want to remember that Jesus is the REASON for the Season.


Sandy said...

Can I just give an AMEN!!!

Terri D said...

Yes, Amen!! So glad to hear you have had four days of rain! Praise God.

Mari said...

So much to be thankful for! I'm thankful the fires are out too and agree that the people of East Tennessee are pretty amazing.

Linda said...

I used to have a poster in the house that said:
"Thou hast given me so much! Please give me one thing more....a grateful heart..."