Monday, October 16, 2017

A Rare Treat

This weekend was a special one for Marvin and me. We got to meet a young man we have been hearing about since youngest Son, Charles, was a teacher in China.  His best friend there was Christian. Charles visited Christian's home and spent many hours growing a friendship that would last through the years and over many miles.

Christian came to America on a business trip along with his boss, Kevin. ( Most Chinese have an "english" name they use when among English speakers. It just makes it easier for us Yanks.)

Christian was able to spend the day with Charles and Nancy. Marvin and I made a visit to Canton to meet our Chinese Son. Christian calls us his American parents, even though he has not met us, we have communicated online.

I love this guy!!

Looking at pictures of Christian's son and daughter, my Chinese grands.

Our two sons and Miss Audrey.

I introduced Chtistian to a Southern Delicacy, Banana Pudding. Although strictly speaking this is a variation. I used Nutter Butters instead of vanilla wafers. We had this in a restaurant in Jasper, GA and I copied the recipe! It is yummy if I do say so myself.

We exchanged gifts. Christian gave me a beautiful red ink pen along with a Chinese bookmark. I gave Christian an ALABAMA Crimson Tide tee shirt. I told him that now everyone would know he was from Alabama.

We hope the next time Christian visits that he can bring his wife and children. I would love to see my Chinese grands in person!

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Stitching Saturday

I wanted to share a little stitch that I did for my friend, Diane. Since it was a gift I did not share it sooner.

Diane is a younger friend of mine who LOVES the tv show, Bewitched. She says her mom was a bit troubled by Diane's devotion to the program when she was a child.  According to legend, Witches names should end in A. So I changed Diane to Diana.  The pattern is called Hagatha's Hats so I had to do a bit of math to change the names. Actually learning to center things in my typing class years ago has helped me to center names etc in cross stitch.

I have ordered a few new patterns.

I have been wanting to stitch a "tart".

Plum Street and Little House Needleworks are some of my new favorite designers.

But I continue to be loyal to Prarie Schooler.

I am doing this one on perforated paper...a first for me.

I have a few last Fall pieces to complete but its beginning to look a lot like Christmas in the stitching corner of Nanaland.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Friday Funny

We are on the road today so I am sharing a Friday Funny.

A friend of mine posted this on Facebook and it did make me laugh out loud.  It seldom happens with me but when it does, Watch Out.  Be careful out there today as it is Friday the 13th!! See you all tomorrow for Stitching Saturday.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

A Little Late

I am running a little late in posting today! I guess I forget how much work a three year old boy can be!! Kendall and Landon are pretty self sufficient these days!

I have been sleeping with Elliott as he is still a little frightened to be in a strange bed all alone. So I have been going to bed at about nine pm and we both fall asleep pretty quickly!

Yesterday I had to run to Hobby Lobby for some DMC floss. I told Elliott if he was very good we would go to Target for a treat. Yes, Nana's are allowed to bribe the grands.

He was fascinated with that Santa Claus...if I were a very naughty Nana I could have used the Santa bribery. My mother always told us that Santa looked in the windows of the house around Christmas time to see if we were good. Let me tell you, that scared me to death. I would not look out any window in the house, sure that I would see Santa. And while I liked the toys he left I was not interested in one on one time with the jolly old elf.

As you can see, Elliott was a good boy at Hobby Lobby so he got some treats.

And finally...Landon arrived to play with Elliott.

I think Elliott even wore Landon out!!

Fun times come to an end and this afternoon we will take Elliott home to Mommy and Daddy, Margaret and Baylor.  And Nana can stay up until ten and sleep in her own bed with no little feet in the small of her back. ( and she will miss it just a bit!).

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Little Boys!!

I picked up my buddy in Cullman yesterday.  We stopped at McD's for lunch. The cashier even gave Elliott a sticker.

Showing off his sticker...and

The toy from his happy meal. He transformed into a silly goose.  Why do boys always want to make a goofy face?

Elliott's favorite toys are cars and this little garage that belonged to Landon is always a favorite.

It is hard to believe that this boy will be four years old on December the 5th...the day before his daddy turns 39.

Time is flying by! I need to get all the hugs I can now!! Because once boys get a little bigger they think they are too big for Nana hugs and kisses.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

A Hobby Lobby Christmas

When I was in Hobby Lobby the other day several items caught my attention. The stores are just eye candy at this time of the year.  I have found from experience that if you see something you like, pick it up now as it will probably be gone and no re order by the time December arrives.

Cotton does remind me of snow...especially right now when the bolls are open and the fields are so very white.

I just love this barn.

Who can resist this face???

I love red trucks.

I have too many mugs now but if I were purchasing a new one, this would be it.

There was a whole RETRO Christmas area too. It reminds me of my childhood. I guess I am Retro now!!  Marvin calls himself a Mid Century Modern, after he heard that term on HGTV. I will just be a Retro Lady.

I do try to take the time to enjoy each season but it is hard when the stores rush us from one season to the next.  I did take some time this weekend to make some fall mix....just mix today equal amounts of peanuts, Fall M&Ms and Candy Corn. It is like Crack to me as I cannot leave it alone. I try to gift some to friends so I can have a bite without overdoing it. It is very pretty packaged in cellophane bags tied with a pretty bow.

Off to pick up my buddy, Elliott. He will be spending a few days with Nana and Grandpa.  He loves being the only child when he comes here. And let's face it...Nana does spoil him!!

Monday, October 9, 2017

Our Winner!

Hitting 60 subscribers was a highlight of my week. As one sweet reader reminded me there are lots of people who read your blog and never comment. I do know of several ladies who would fall into that category and I appreciate all of you Silent Readers!!  I do not write my blog to make money or to be an internet sensation. I just want to meet like minded ladies( so far as I can tell no fellas read my blog)  and share the lives we live.  I have so many blog friends who I am sure I would feel right at home with if we met up! Sandy is a case in point. When we first planned to meet, Sandy shared with me that her mama was a bit concerned that Sandy was meeting someone she only know via the Net.  And yes, I would not meet up with just anyone on the internet but I have shared my life with y'all for many years now. So if you ever come to the NoAla area or the NoGA area, please let me know. I would love to meet you in person.

I used a random number generator to pick the winner of the Cracker Barrel Give Away and the winner is MRS. T.   Here is what you will be receiving in the mail Blog Friend.

A new Christmas dish towel, a Christmas ornament, Peppermint tea candles and a set of two magnetic note pads. You can keep one and gift one!!  I hope you enjoy your Cracker Barrel Christmas package.

I have done lots of my gift shopping at Cracker Barrel. They have such unique things and who doesn't love Cracker Barrel. My new blog friend, Phoebe of Phoebe's World, is new to our country and she did not know what a Cracker Barrel was so she had to google it!! Now she is looking for one! It is addictive friends.

Thanks again for each sweet comment, for your encouraging blog posts that have touched my heart over the years. I appreciate each and every one of you!!

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Stitching Saturday

Some one once quoted 'Where is human nature so weak but in a bookstore." I would have to add bookstore/cross stitch shop.

I made a trip to Hobby Lobby for something then I stopped at The Cross Stitch Peddler.  I knew I would be tempted but I came out with my wallet emptied. Thank goodness I do not carry large amounts of cash with me.

First Hobby Lobby...

I picked up the red frame like the orange and green ones I got last week. Now I should have frames for all my cottages of the month by Country Cottage Needlework. These charts were gifted to me by my fellow addict, Sandy, at I Majored in Home Economics!!

On to my favorite store...The Peddler.

I picked up 8 inch pieces of these linens. Maybe a Christmas ornament for the red one and possibly Martha Washington or Abigail Addams on the blue. I guess I will just add Country Cottage Needleworks as another company that empties my wallet.

This will make some good summer stitching in 2018.

I still need to make some ornaments for my grands.

Some scissors and two boxes of Thread Heaven. If you have not heard, this company is going out of business. I grabbed two more packages. Marlene informed me that another company will manufacture it under a different name and it will be $8 per box.   Some are selling it on EBAY for as much as $25 a box. I sure hope those are not the kind stitchy friends I know who are doing this!

And one finish this week..;

I put this on the fridge for the grands to enjoy. I started on The Most Wonderful FEAST of the year so maybe I can get it done by November.

Have a nice relaxing weekend dear friends.

Friday, October 6, 2017

Perking Up a Wreath for Autumn

I have had the same wreath on my front door here in Nanaland for at least four years. I had the ribbon made at a local gift shop and it was looking pretty faded.  I did not want to drive downtown to pick up a new one( and pay about what a new wreath would cost!) So I Improvised.

I found a new favorite You Tube channel....Eclectic Kristen. She is a young lady who goes to The Dollar Tree on a regular basis and she does videos about what she finds at her Dollar Tree. It is very interesting and I must say, Dollar Tree has upped its game lately!

Kristen shared that she had found some wired ribbon in fall motifs. So I stopped at my local Dollar Tree and I found the exact ribbon she shared on her video.

Here is one roll.

And here is the other.

I will say that they are not the quality you will find at Hobby Lobby but they are worth the dollar per roll that I paid for them. There was enough ribbon on the roll to make the wreath ribbon with just bits of left overs. I tend to over use ribbon knowing I can trim it down.

I tied some ribbon to my wreath. A church friend shared this technique and I have used it for years.

I forgot to take a picture of my big ribbon gathered up  but I wanted you to see how I hold it together until I am ready to add it to the wreath. You simply lay your gathered ribbon on the ribbon attached to the wreath and tie a TIGHT knot.  Then fluff fluff fluff. For me it is easier than trying to get a wire tight around my ribbon. Do whatever is easiest is my motto.

I added this cute wooden pumpkin to the knot. I have found the new SPRAY ...Aleene's Tacky Glue. It is so easy to use. No more hauling out the glue gun and waiting for it to heat up ! I found my can at Hobby Lobby. It was $10 but I think it will last me a LONG time.

I think it looks very festive on my front door.

I also added something to the back door entering the kitchen from the garage.

A little pop of color for October!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017


Nanaland reached sixty followers today and as promised I am doing a giveaway.

Here are the not mention give away in your comment.( that attracts the internet trolls)

Leave a comment with your favorite Christmas Carol if you wish to be entered into the giveaway!! Come back on Monday to see the Winner and the Cracker Barrel Surprise.

I am off to Cracker Barrel to do some shopping. I will draw a winner from the comments on this post!! Thanks so much!  Arlene

Quilt Show

Before I begin my post, I would like to express my sympathy to the city of Las Vegas.  It was a horrible tragedy and one that will not be forgotten. We traveled to Las Vegas three years ago and had a wonderful visit with our friends, Gary and Melinda.  Of course, many are coming up with solutions to these kinds of events but until people know the LORD and hearts are changed we are always at risk of this type of rampage. Lets bow two knees for our country!

I went to the library the other morning, totally forgetting that every October our library hosts a quilt show. Patrons are allowed one vote only. It is a hard decision but I will share the quilt that got my vote at the end of the post.

This patriotic quilt was one that I considered. It is just beautiful and made by a Nana for a grandson.

There was a lot of variety.

I love the contrast of these two quilts.

There were some lap quilts represented. The Butterfly quilt reminded me of my sweet Mama G. She LOVED butterflies.

The applique quilt on the right was lovely in its simplicity.

Here is the quilt I voted for....

This beautiful cathedral windows quilt caught my eye for the sheer magnitude of stitches! There was a sweet note along with the quilt. The quilter thanked the lady who taught her to quilt. I thought that was very nice.

Handwork never ceases to amaze me....lets keep this American tradition alive. follower away from my plans for a giveaway!!

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

The Stream

Good Tuesday morning and Happy Anniversary to Amelia and Todd. They are off on an anniversary trip to Hawaii. I am not going to say anything more about that or I might be guilty of coveting.:)

1. I always get so many comments on my Cracker Barrel posts. Thanks ladies. I have to share that I did go back to Cracker Barrel and I bought all the houses.

Yes..the three pottery houses were a set and I wanted the little rustic house for Grimmwood. As usual, the prices were very reasonable so I decided to go for it.

here is the little rustic house at Grimmwood. Marvin claimed I was trying to add Christmas decor in September. I told him it was  a fall and winter decoration. I just love how it looks sitting on the counter.

I seldom look at the number of followers I have because I love my loyal readers, I do not worry about popularity. However, I noted I am two followers away from 60. So when I reach 60 followers, I am going to do a Cracker Barrel give away.  I am not sure yet what it will be but coming from Cracker Barrel it will be cute. And you must be a follower to be entered into the drawing!

2. Last week was the 30th anniversary of the tv show, Thirtysomething.

It was one of my favorite tv shows when I was younger. Marvin and I watched it together and we could commiserate with some of the feelings of the characters.  Many accused the characters of being whiny. Oh my goodness...compared to today, they were very reasonable. My favorite actress on the show was Patricia Wettig, who played Nancy Kreger Westin.  In the four years that the show ran on ABC, Nancy grew by leaps and bounds. When she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in the third season, I can remember that myself and several friends were in deep mourning for her. It was the fear that every young mama has...that you will not live to raise your children. So am I the only sappy one here? Did anyone else watch Thirtysomething?

3. Fall is in the air...even here in NoAla.

The leaves are falling down...

4. We had a pleasant interlude at Grimmwood.

It is truly our happy place. We drove down to Atlanta on Saturday to see Tech play North Carolina and we were pleasantly surprised when Tech won. However...out big game is not until November when we play Georgia. Georgia is VERY good this year so I hope I am surprised by the outcome of that game.

5.One of my goals this week is to clean and organize my craft room. Between my finishing the cross stitch projects and the grands making various things, it is a mess.  I organize it regularly thinking that I will keep it neat but that never happens.

6. If you are looking for a good book to read, check out The Hired Girl by Laura Amy Schlitz.  What a charming book about a young girl who  just wants to get an education. In 1911, girls were not expected to attend high school. Joan, our heroine, becomes the unpaid and unrespected housekeeper when her mother dies.  When she demands she be able to keep the egg money for herself, her father burns her three treasured books, gifted to her by a beloved teacher. That is the last straw! Thanks to the foresight of her deceased mother, Joan is able to run away from the farm and take a job as a hired girl in Baltimore. She works for  a wealthy Jewish family and learns all about that ancient religion. In the meantime she pursues her confirmation in the Catholic church and with the permission of her boss, reads extensively from his library in the home.  Joan gets in a lot of scrapes but her intellect and her loyalty are very inspiring.  I think I read this book in one day! It was a Newberry Award Winner for young adult fiction.

Well if it is Tuesday it must be housecleaning day!! Then carline duty this afternoon. A Nana's work is never done!

Monday, October 2, 2017

Pride and Prejudice Revisited.

I came across this quote on Facebook and it made me smile.

The 1996 version of Pride and Prejudice starring Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle is my favorite film version of Jane Austen's novel.

I own a DVD of Pride and Prejudice and every now and then I pull it out and watch it again. It makes my old heart go pitter patter as I watch Mr Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett fall in love.

The BBC version of this old story won Best TV of 1996. I heartily agree. The British just seem to do period dramas better than we do on this side of the pond.

The Bennett sisters....I always felt sorry for poor Mary. She could not even attract the odious Mr Collins.

Who does a brooding look better than Mr Darcy...oops, I mean Mr Firth.

I was looking at some of the trivia related about this series on Internet Movie Database and I was informed that the actress who played Miss Bingley, Charles's sister, is an actual descendant of Jane Austen.  I have to admit I annoy Marvin by looking up movies Here and reading interesting facts aloud while he is trying to watch the movie. :) Now I try to look them up before hand so I can watch the movie too. I just find these kinds of facts so interesting.

If you are looking for a good series to watch over a period of time, check out this one, it does not disappoint.