Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Another Day with Audrey

We have had some good days. Aunt Mimi(Amelia) came by with Landon and Kendall, The cousins were happy to see each other.

Teaching Audrey to use the iPad.

I love this one!!

Blowing Aunt Mimi a kiss.

The cold weather has continued. My cousin, Scott, shared this photo with me. Grimmwood with a snowy Grassy Mountain in the background.

I may Have to purchase this picture!!

I had a text from my sister that Uncle Robert went to meet Jesus this morning. While we are sad for ourselves, we are happy for him.  We will be going over for the visitation and the funeral.

Another Sunday School friend just got out of the hospital. I made some sausage biscuits to take to them.

I made the biscuits from scratch but I have to share a great sausage I have found recently.  Goolsby Sausage comes in a big box and you can take out the number of patties that you need. It is really good and very convenient for our family of two. I found it at Walmart. My mother who is very particular about sausage gave it a big thumbs up so I purchased a box and now it is all I use.   I let my biscuits cool then I add the sausage patty and wrap them individually in saran wrap. Twenty seconds in the microwave usually does the trick!!  I made an extra one for myself so I could make sure they tasted ok.

Thanks to all of you who prayed for my uncle. Pray for my cousins, Brenda and Steve. They have lost both parents in a four month span.  Having Audrey here has reminded me that life goes on. People come and people glad that we have the assurance that a goodbye here is not the end.


Sandy said...

The grands are cute. It is hard to lose family at any age, but there is comfort in knowing they lived a full life and love Jesus.

Linda said...

Oh, my! That photo is beautiful and would look so good in your cabin! Maybe one day I can paint it for you!
Your biscuits look amazing and I can almost taste them!!
Losing loved ones must be one of the hardest things in life. I have not lost many as of yet. Praise God for His promise of eternal life.
It would be unimaginably painful if we did not have that assurance.
I am writing you tonight from my happy place! I am back in our camper enjoying the country life!!

Terri D said...

Prayers lifted for your cousins. I'm so sad for them to lose both parents in such a short time. The little ones do remind us of the circle of life. Praise God. Those children are so precious and so darn cute! Audrey is growing up so fast, but it doesn't seem so long ago that Kendall was that size! The biscuits and sausage sound great. I'm going to look for that sausage at Walmart. Thanks for the tip!

Mari said...

I'm sorry about this loss and will be praying for all of you.
I'm glad you were able to have the grandkids with you. Cute pictures!
I love the photo of Grimmwood. I think you need to hang it!
PS - Thanks for the sweet card. I got it today when I came home from work about 7:30, and it mad my day! You have such a gift of encouragement!

Preppy Empty Nester said...

Those biscuits look yummy but those brown eyes of Audrey's look even sweeter. Have a great weekend, Audrey.

Heather said...

I am so sorry for your loss. Praying for you and your family.
Glad you could have your grandkids with you. Audrey looks like she getting big! Love the pictures!

Anonymous said...

I thought I had commented already but I don't see it. No worries. I'll comment again!

Kendall is growing up to be quite a young lady. So cute with Audrey. And Landon has gotten so tall. Oh gosh, does that mean we are growing older too?

Love the picture! Let's hope the snow stays on the mountain and not near your doorstep!