Saturday, March 18, 2017

Bye Bye Audrey

We were up early this morning to get ready for my uncle's funeral at 11 as well as to get ready to hand off Audrey to her parents.

At about 10 am I heard footsteps on the porch and Audrey and I answered the knock knock. The little stinker went right to Daddy and ignored her mama.

She was happy to see her parents and Charles reported that she had a blast becoming reacquainted with all her toys at home before conking out for a three hour nap.  It was a fun visit.

While we were at Grimmwood, I did some stitching.

And I had an email from my friend, Melinda. She is a quilter and she had just completed a quilt for her young grandson. Melinda is the person who acquainted me with cross stitch. I will always be grateful to her for my hobby that has seen me through many years.

Here is her completed quilt.

Isn't it perfect for a little boy. Melinda has a lovely craft room where she works her magic.

The back...

I love how she signed it!! A treasure that will be an heirloom.

We got home this afternoon. It was a quick trip but I really enjoyed seeing many friends and family that I only see at weddings or funerals. It was very hard to say goodbye to Uncle Robert. As my sister put it, if we missed Daddy we could go see our uncle and be comforted. They were very close...brothers and friends. They were Robert and Ray...just like the Barone Brothers on Everybody Loves Raymond. Only my dad was not Raymond, just Ray.  I heard several old stories, viewed some old pictures and hugged many necks.   Just the kind of funeral I hope to have one day!!


Anonymous said...

A 3 hour nap! Wow - I'm thinking Nana took a long nap too! That quilt is adorable, I love the little snails. And your cross stitch is wonderful as always!

Praying for you and your family. I'm glad the funeral went well. {{HUGS}}

Mari said...

Oh Audrey! I bet her parents were happy to see her.
The quilt is just adorable.
Funerals can be so hard! Praying for you tonight.

Visits With Mary said...

Nice cross stitch and a very cute baby quilt!!

Anonymous said...

My sympathy in the loss of your Uncle. In recent months, the last of my mom's friends have passed and I miss talking to them. They were that last link to her.
I love your latest cross stitch and Melinda's quilt is cute as can be. Wishing you a nice Sunday.

Sandy said...

I know you hated to see Audrey leave. Rest for you now. I love the stitching and that quilt is amazing. That is one thing I have never thought I could do...maybe a baby quilt I could manage. I don't have the staying power for a full size quilt, although I love handmade quilts.
Good memories and God get us through those losses.

Terri D said...

I could use a 3-hour nap right about now! God bless little Audrey! Grandma wore her out! Sounds like your uncle was honored at his funeral with many loved ones. The quilt is like none I have ever seen before! Love it!! Your cross stitch projects all turn out beautifully!