Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Cousins and a Full Moon

Kendall, Landon and Margaret had a ball visiting with each other yesterday. It does a Nana's heart good to see the kiddos enjoying each other's company.

They are growing up way too quickly but that is life.

The girls...

I hope these two will always be best friends.

When we took Margaret home we stopped for dinner at a BBQ place we have wanted to try...Full Moon BBQ.

Catchy Name.

Well I am going to learn my lesson one day. When you live in the hometown of Big Bob Gibson, don't try other BBQ places.  You may have heard of Big Bob's. It has been featured on the Today Show, the Food Network and various tv shows about BBQ.   I will say that when I am in Memphis, Corky's is a close second for me in the best BBQ. Corky's ribs are The BEST.  In North Alabama BBQ is king. You can usually find a good BBQ joint in your town or near by.  And all BBQ is not equal. It seems people are pretty opinionated regarding what they feel is real BBQ.

Back to the Full Moon....I felt that their prices were high and the food was just so so. Their desserts looked good. While we were there a lady came who had ordered 70 Full Moon cookies to add to Welcome Bags for a wedding this weekend. Here in the South, families often put together a welcome bag that is given to friends and family members when they check in at the hotel on Thursday or Friday. The bags usually have directions to the festivities along with some local goodies. So the Full Moon Cookies must be pretty famous in Bham. As for me, I will stick with Big Bob's and Smokehouse BBQ which is located in my own neighborhood of Priceville.  Any good BBQ restaurants in your area?


Sandy said...

WE love BBQ at our house, but there aren't many good ones here... All seafood.

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Sandy, I wish we had a Shrimp Basket up here!! We do have Wintzells in Bham so next time maybe I can persuade Marvin to stop there.

tonyamay said...

I'm not much for BBQ, I'm a chicken gal, every where we go, i'll have chicken. Silly, I know. Glad I'm reading your blog now.

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Tonya...thanks for reading!! I should have gone with the chicken!!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

We love BBQ and there's a good restaurant that sells their meat by the pound. So we buy a few pounds of brisket and package it for the freezer. Makes a quick meal to pull out a package...sounds good right now! Cute photos of those happy kids! Hugs, Diane

Dianna said...

Your grands are just the cutest their smiles. It would appear that they love coming to Nana's. I love it that you provide time for the cousins to get together like that. I have cousins that I am still close to today because of us spending so much time together as kids.

Now I'm hungry for BBQ! :) There are a couple of BBQ places in Morgantown...Atomic Grill is one of them, Woodburn Shanks is another one (very local as their name reflects the area of Morgantown they are located in, and there is another one in one of the shopping centers but I can't remember the name of it. Would you believe that I've never eaten at any of them. ha ha I normally make our own.

Terri D said...

Our favorite BBQ closed. We haven't found one that is as good yet. But...Florida isn't really known for BBQ. Your grands are so precious!

Mari said...

I love seeing pics of your grandkids. Each one always seems to have a great smile!
We love BBQ, but there' aren't any great places near us. Bob puts Sweet Baby Rays on most anything he can though.