Sunday, March 12, 2017

MCHS Revisited!

While I was at Grimmwood, I had the joy of spending the day with two high school friends.

Marvin was the photographer for us and it was a windy day so we took one picture on the porch and one picture inside.

Sharon, the lovely lady in the middle, was visiting family in Chatsworth so we made a plan to meet up! Sharon lives in North Carolina now. We got re acquainted because Sharon found my blog, read it and sent me an email. We correspond regularly now.  She brought me these cute little birdies as a housewarming gift.

They look right at home on my kitchen windowsill.

My other beautiful ginger friend is Debbie. She and I were friends all through high school and we were bridesmaids for each other too. We even had our middle children days apart!!  Debbie brought me a jar of apple butter!

I look forward to having some on hot biscuits once Lent is over!!

And I have to share this picture of the mountains that I captured the other afternoon.

They looked so pretty in the evening sun.

We had a great time at Grimmwood as usual!  So thankful for Friends and Family!!


Betsy Brock said...

How fun to see your long time friends!
Love your match holder! So cute!
And those mountains with the moon? Amazing!

Anonymous said...

How fun to visit with old friends. I love the gifts you received. Marvin did a great job with the photos. The mountain view is gorgeous.

Linda said...

I love hearing about your visits to Grimmwood! We leave Tuesday to spend a week at the camper! I can't wait!
Thank you for the lovely card I received in the mail! It made my day!!

Anonymous said...

Such a sweet weekend with friends. And housewarming presents to boot!

Sandy said...

Y'all are gorgeous together. I love the birdies and your matchstick box. Yours is cuter than mine, since mine had been painted.

Terri D said...

Your friends are lovely! What fun!! Your Grimmwood is so full of love and good memories already!

Mari said...

You and your friends are all so cute! I love those little birds. :)
Glad you had such a nice time.