Monday, March 6, 2017

Missions Conference

Most of our weekend was spent at various meetings for our church Missions Conference.

Trades for Life is a mission project run by Kent and Marion Fuller in Belize. This couple is an example of the fact that retirement is optional. I won't mention their ages because you would never guess that they are as old as their birth certificates state. Kent teaches trades for life to young men.  It is a hands on ministry that teaches a trade while instilling character and Bible study.  Marion has a ministry of feeding a hot lunch to 25 children per day. They run to her house at lunch time and she has a good healthy meal on the table. For some of the children it is the main meal of the day.  Marion shared stories of how she has been able to minister to the families of her "children". She is a blessing to the community.

John and Jan Lohrenz  are missionaries in Spain. After many years of service in Guatemala they were more or less out of a job as they saw the nationals take the reigns there. So they did not retire either, they moved continents.

I used to teach Sunday School with Dana Holloway. She and her husband are reaching out to people in Africa.

And one of my favorite missionaries...Loreen Itterman. I have made many "gospel bracelets" for her ministry. I can remember our whole family sitting on the floor threading colored beads onto bracelets that she gave out to proclaim the gospel. Once again, a single lady who could retire and live a life of ease here in the states but her heart is with the people she has served many years.

On Saturday we attended a cottage meeting. A young couple in our church( and one of my MOPs moms) opened their home for brunch and a time of hearing from a missionary couple at the University of South Alabama.  As we entered the home I saw this sign.

 The children were upstairs having a snack and playing while the parents had brunch. There was a baby sitter to supervise.   It is a small world as the young couple we heard  from Saturday morning goes to church with our nephew,Lee, and his family in Mobile.

I was very encouraged to hear of the thirst for the Gospel around the world because here in our country, many seem to think that God is the enemy. That just breaks my heart.  So we will continue to pray for our country, share with those we meet and try to live a life that brings the gospel into the lives of those who would never set foot in a church.   When I see the sacrifices of the missionaries I know, it is the least I can do.


Sandy said...

Your last paragraph is so true. We have forgotten that God's work is being carried on whether we are along for the journey or not.

Anonymous said...

What a blessing to be able to hear from these missionaries. The little sign from the children made me smile!
I sent you an email tonight.

Arlene Grimm said...

Yes Ladies. it was so encouraging to hear that there are people hungry for God's word!!