Thursday, March 23, 2017

The Finer Things Club

If you were a fan of The Office, you will remember some of the office staff created The Finer Things Club hoping to bring some refinement to the chaos of office life.  Recently I have had several conversations with other ladies about how far our culture has strayed from manners, decorum and refinement.  I think I want to bring some of those things back into my own life as well.

As I was browsing Facebook yesterday, I came across this photo posted by my friend, Terry.

Terry is a friend from church and she is a 3 G woman! Godly, gracious and giving. It seems our church abounds with ladies like Terry. They are such an encouragement to me.  Terry was hosting a birthday luncheon in her home for a lady who recently turned 90. When I asked Terry if I could use her photo on my blog she agreed with the instruction that I should tell ladies to use what they have and to not feel guilty if they do not have great cooking skills. She ordered this lunch from a local restaurant and then plated it herself before the ladies arrived.  I know Ina Garten says the same do not have to make everything yourself.    Terry served chicken salad, broccoli salad and a slice of mandarin orange pretzel salad. You may have had the strawberry pretzel salad and this is the same thing but using mandarin oranges instead. It is really yummy and I consider it a dessert!

Here is her center piece....I will say that Terry is a gifted gardener as well and she and her husband work hard to make their yard a showcase of many plants and flowers.  I am sure Terry did this arrangement herself.  She is a lover of bunnies as  are many of us  so she pulled some from her collection to make this spring birthday lunch more festive.

I was so inspired, I decide to make our supper table a little special last night.

My dear blog friend, Sandy, gave me these beautiful napkins that match my Desert Rose dishes perfectly.  I love using them.  We all deserve to use the nice things. What are we saving them for?( Our children will probably sell all our nice things in a garage sale when we are gone so let's enjoy them while we are here!!)

With that last cheery thought, I will sign off.   It is Friend Day and we are heading to Cullman, Alabama to celebrate Deborah's birthday with lunch and shopping.  I am looking forward to being with Deborah and Susan and getting my batteries recharged. Friends will do that for you!


Sandy said...

I totally agree with you Arlene. We need to use that stuff for our enjoyment now. I have literally almost gotten sad a couple of times. We walked through so called antique shops and it is really just a warehouse of stuff bought in the 1980's and 90's. I am sure someone died and all of their treasures are there to be sold. I say we need to use it now. Plus the point, that it just makes you feel good to eat at a table like that. So glad you can used the napkins. They look great with your china...makes me happy!!!

Linda said...

I second or third that belief that we must use our pretty things while we can. Back in 1983 my house burned. The fire completely gutted four rooms and the intense heat destryed what was in the others. The attic fan was on when the house caught on fire and the fire burned horizontally plus the insulation we had in the attic was nonflammable.
I lost nearly everything and I can still remember thinking, "Praise God I used it all while I had it!" I had just given a Spring Ladies Luncheon and I entertained often so I was not full of regrets that I had saved it all for later. I continue to use the best I have for everyday - not that I have a lot of expensive stuff! Mostly debris as Louis Dean lovingly calls it. But is is USED debris!!!!
Enjoy your trip!!!

Terri D said...

Your friend created a beautiful and festive table for the birthday party! I agree with you all about not having to make it all yourself. Having friends gather is the important part of any get-together! I love your bunny centerpiece! Now I'm even more inspired to finish unpacking my 'pretties'!

Leslie Anne Tarabella said...

Such a beautiful table, and who cares who made the food? Friendship and laughter are the focus of shared meals, not who the cook was! Love it!

Anonymous said...

Arlene, I too was saving the good linens, dishes, or even clothing for "special" times. Well, I've realized that the special times are now! I love your tablescape. Especially the bunny!

Mari said...

Both of those tables look so pretty! I'm guilty of not using my nice things too.
Have a fun trip!

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed these pretty photos, Arlene. We enjoy using the "special" pieces from time to time. I keep them where I can get to them so that we can enjoy the memories associated with holiday dinners over the years.