Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The Herd

As many of you know, I want our little house, Grimmwood at Foothills Farm, to have a rustic, farm like feel.  I had asked one of my friends who is an artist to paint something for me. Here it is.

I am calling her Miss May Field, after the dairy that has serviced NoGa since I was a little girl.  I have to say that the hair on her head looks so realistic. You almost feel you can pat it. I guess that is why my friend, Kris, is an artist!! She knows how to do that technique.

I had coffee with two of my friends from Central Weekday School days and I received two more cows!

This one is Miss Star Land. That is the name of the dairy that Marvin remembers from his childhood days in Savannah, Ga.

My sweet friend, Deborah brought this to me.

Her name is Buttercup and she will look great in the rocking chair by the credenza.  Deborah tells me there is a store in Cullman that I need to visit as it has lots of rustic decor! When the weather moderates a bit, the besties need to plan a day trip to Cullman.

I am so happy to have these girls joining the pictures of chickens and goats I have there. I also have a cute little iron pig that sits on the coffee bar so I think I have lots of farm animals represented!

Here in Nanaland, Marvin put out an SOS on Facebook as to what kind of phone he should purchase to replace his iPhone 1. ( Yes you read that right!) He seldom uses a phone at all so one of his brothers suggested this one.

Marvin says  that would probably meet his needs but it is too big for his pocket. The Grimm Brothers are a hilarious bunch, don't you agree?

Off to do some errands and I am counting down the hours until it is Market Night at The Cross Stitch Peddler. I will get to go with the hoard at six pm to see all the new patterns and accessories that were debuted at the Nashville Market.

Looks like rain here today so a good day for cleaning and organizing for our trip to Grimmwood on Thursday.


Anonymous said...

Kris did a great job on the cow art. I love the sweet gifts from your friends too. Grimmwood will be filled with sweet reminders of loved ones.
We are expecting a rainy day, too. God bless your day.

Leslie Anne Tarabella said...

Love the phone! Cows are a favorite thing for my husband to photograph. We pass by a big pasture on the way to and from our house going to town and back, and I always want to pull over and snap a photo, but there's not really a good place to pull over. Sadly, all of our fields of cows (and cotton and corn) are being plowed up and filled with cookie-cutter houses. Sigh . . .

Have fun stitching!

Katie Clooney said...

The phone is tooooo funny!!! I love paintings and prints of cows. They all have such beautiful, expressive faces. Have fun at the market, Arlene!

Sandy said...

I love all of your cows, but Miss May Field is wonderful and I remember that dairy from my days of living in Georgia.
I love the phone, but with retirement he might decide he likes that phone stuff as much as the rest of us.

Karen said...

I remember Mayfield, too! I love the painting of Miss May Field.

Anonymous said...

What sweet cows! Your artist friend is incredible. I do want to pat her head. :-)

Have a lovely time at the craft store.

Terri D said...

The cows are GREAT, Arlene! I enjoyed catching up! Have missed my blogging friends! Let us know when you get to visit the store in Cullman. The phone story is too cute!

Mari said...

I love your cows! I agree about the hair on her head - very realistic!