Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The Stream

Happy first day of March...let's see what is in the stream this warm Wednesday Morning.

1. This weather....all the trees are budding and the daffodils are amazing.  When we go to Grimmwood next week, I expect to see leaves on some of our trees. It will be fun to experience the seasons at our little house. Also, I am having a girl's day out for two of my high school friends. I can't wait.

2. I am beginning my third year of using a step tracker. It really has made a difference in my activity level. I am finding that the Garmin cheapie tracker is my favorite over Fit Bit.  This year I decided to keep a health log. I will keep track of my steps, weight and blood pressure. I am one of those people who has white coat syndrome. When I get my BP checked at the doctor's office it is always high. I have to keep a record for my doctor so he can adjust my meds as needed.  I guess I am officially old.:)

3. With the beginning of Lent today, I am on my no bread diet. It will be interesting. My sweet husband was reminding me of all the things that have bread...hamburgers, pizzas etc. We were out doing errands yesterday and we stopped to get an apple fritter so I could say good bye to bread.

4. I am a member of Prairie Schooler Students Facebook page. I am a Prairie Schooler nut and I always have been. I was so honored to have them use the picture I posted yesterday as one of four to be used in their March Banner on their page.  I made it out to my Local Needlework Store, The Cross Stitch Peddler, yesterday to get the linen for my April project.  While I was there the phone was ringing off the hook. Nashville Market is this weekend. New designs will be on sale and every cross stitcher in town wanted to put in an order for a pattern they had seen in the on line preview. I myself put in an order for Coffee Quaker as I will be doing a Stitch Along with some Facebook Friends.  Marlene will be hosting Market Night at her shop next Tuesday evening. I will be there with the other nuts, seeing all the amazing new cross stitch patterns and products.

5. Our friend and owner of a local HVAC company, Tom, is coming by this morning to see about changing out one of our AC units. It does seem that home repairs come in threes. First we had a leak in our roof that had to addressed, then the garage door spring broke. Thankfully the cars were outside when it happened. And now we find out during a routine maintenance check that our downstairs unit needs to be replaced before it dies completely.  I am thankful for reputable repairmen who come on time and do their jobs.

6. Are you all looking forward to the finale of Victoria this Sunday? I have really enjoyed this Masterpiece series. I saw the DVD for this season is already on sale at Walmart.  I will be adding it to my collection. Jenna Coleman, who plays Victoria, is an excellent actress and so pretty too. Frankly one does not think of beauty when you think of Queen Victoria but I like this version.

7. I am still having problems finding books to read. I have read several of Pam Jenoff's books but they are all variations on a theme it seems. I picked up Britt Marie was Here by Frederik Backman, who wrote A Man Called Ove. I had high hopes but alas after reading three chapters I was not feeling it. Right now I am reading In Such Good Company by Carol Burnett. It is an easy read about her experiences hosting her variety show.

Well time to towel off and get busy.  I am glad I have no plans for today as we are expecting some stormy weather, and possible a tornado. I guess March is coming in like a LION.


Cranberry Morning said...

I sure hope the tornado doesn't materialize! Stay safe and have a good day. Great idea to give up bread for Lent.

Sandy said...

I keep thinking I need a tracker. I need those visual cues to stay on track. I have been recording my gym and walking days to keep me motivated.

Arlene Grimm said...

Judy, they have dismissed school as they are worried about storms this afternoon. The weather is not looking good. It is very warm and the wind is blowing....praying for safety. Sandy, it really has made me more aware of how sedentary I was!! Stitching is good for the mind and soul but bad for the waistline.

Linda said...

I have totally missed the boat on Victoria! Hopefully, they will do reruns!
Hope you have a good time in Grimwood! We go back to the ranch for Critter Care the middle of March!
Stay safe with that weather! Still mild mannered weather in a Texas!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

Your stitching is so beautiful and you choose some beautiful designs. I hope the storm hasn't been bad. Hugs, Diane

Leslie Anne Tarabella said...

You are truly busy, and I like your idea about giving up bread for Lent. I find when I focus on something like that, I really start appreciating the meaning of sacrifice and all that it involves. Happy first of March to you!

Anonymous said...

Arlene, I haven't started Victoria yet but I am excited to start it soon. Our weather is tumultuous tonight. Lots of wind, rain, thunder, and lightning. I am keeping my eye out for tornado warnings. I hope you and your family are safe. {{HUGS}}

Mari said...

We've had crazy weather too - thunderstorms last night and a tornado not terribly far from us. Crazy for Michigan in February! Today it's snowing like crazy.
I have a fitbit and find I walk a lot more with it too.
I've really enjoyed Victoria. I've been recording it on DVD and need to catch up!

Anonymous said...

You will have to share photos of the change of season at your little house at Grimmwood. You are an inspiration with keeping track of your steps!
We had a severe thunderstorm about dinner time tonight. Sis in Indiana had very severe weather this morning.
Have a restful night. xoxo