Wednesday, April 12, 2017

A Full Day

Yesterday was a busy Errand Day. I started out the morning at the Court House getting our car tags fro 2017-18. There were no lines so I breezed in and out. On to the library where I actually found four books I might like to read. While I was downtown, I decided to run by The Cupboard.

I love this shop and the owner, Ginger, is so helpful to her customers.

I went by to pick up two new Wet Its. One for my house and one for Grimmwood. I am totally sold on this cross between a dishcloth and a sponge. I have found that they last about three months. That means I can get a new one for each season.

Here is the one I chose for spring!!

But what is that lurking behind my Wet It?

I had seen this product on The Cupboard's Facebook page. Ginger was glad to share how this product works and how it takes the aggravation out of saran wrap.

The little slide cutter on the outside of the box makes it so easy to use!! And if you think you recognize this box. It is like the one Pioneer Woman uses on her show!!

After the Cupboard I was on to the Social Security office where I signed up in about 20 minutes. I have to give two thumbs up to the  efficiency  of this government office. I should start receiving my check in July.

My final stop was the Cross Stitch Peddler where I picked up some fabric along with the new Betsy Ross pattern that everyone is talking about. I will save that post for another day.

My afternoon errand is a cautionary tale.  My precious next door neighbors are in their late 80s/early 90s. Miss J has had many health issues lately and both she and Mr J are becoming more reliant upon their children.  However, they had not made any legal plans for this situation. So there we were in a little hospital room, filling out papers, having them witnessed(me) and notarized.  My husband likes to pretend he is going to live forever but after this experience, I have told him we need to take care of these things while we are able. No we do not need a trust right now but patient directives and power of attorney for one of our children would be prudent. One thing I am coming to understand is that we need to make important decisions while we are in good health and of a sound mind.  I was very impressed with the young lawyer who came to the hospital to take care of this matter. She was very kind and made sure that my friends knew what they were signing. The J's daughter was present as well as she is taking over their care. She has been here in Decatur for almost three weeks now. Her home is in Florida. She had asked her parents to move to Florida two years ago but they were resistant. Again, make moves when you are able to do so on your own steam.   I am going to miss these dear people when they go to Florida with their daughter. They have been wonderful neighbors.

Today is a cleaning day...I plan to tackle the garage.  Hoping to get it organized and ready for some power washing that needs to happen!!


~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

You got a lot done in one day! We live in a community for over 55 so we know a lot of the issues people face. There's a lot to think about and while you are well and active is the best time. Enjoy your day! Hugs!

Mary Hutchins said...

I've never seen a wet-it, sounds great and the one you selected is so cute for spring. I like the plastic wrap dispense too...looks like you had a great time shopping. I think I would enjoy shopping there too!

Sandy said...

I have a plastic wrap dispenser, but it isn't nearly as cute as yours. It does make a big difference.

Gina said...

Wow, you must be pooped! Lots of errands and lots of things accomplished! I've never seen a plastic wrap dispenser. What a great idea! xx

Mari said...

I like your wet-its!
I buy plastic wrap from Costco and it comes in a dispenser. It does make it easier. Yours is cuter though!

Terri D said...

It really does feel good when you have had a productive day! Good for you! Joe and I have our legal papers in place and we are happy about that. This summer, we are also going to go make funeral arrangements and pay for it ahead of time. My folks did that and it made such a difference for us "kids" to have the decisions made. Not an easy subject, but necessary. Hugs!!