Tuesday, April 11, 2017


This year I did not put out a lot of Easter things. Although some of you might think differently when you see my pictures.  I am trying to remember that it is much more fun to decorate than it is to put everything away.

I put these precious eggs in the china cabinet so little hands would not want to touch them and perhaps break them. I really should give the blue one to Ben, the pink on to Amelia and the yellow one to Charles.  Their Aunt Mina made these for them when they were little tykes and they have survived about 30 years now. I found the egg cups at Cracker Barrel.

Eggs on a cake plate in the china cabinet. Last year I hung them from my chandelier.

Chocolate bunnies that look so real the grands want to take a bite so they are on top of the china cabinet.

The Easter pillow cover I display in my room.

Mr Bunny makes an appearance every Easter.

The Breakfast Bar.

My Mr and Mrs Bunny....I found these at TJ Maxx many years ago and they are my favorites.

A pretty Fitz and Floyd plate that was a special gift from a dear friend. Sometimes you can find some Easter Candy displayed on it but the grands took care of that.

And as yesterday was Siblings Day...I am sharing a picture of me and my sisters.

I am the Big thankful for these two precious gifts from God.   You may notice that the baby, Leta, has a cut under her lip. Well Kristi and I were supposed to be watching her and she fell. Of course this happened the day before picture day!!  I am sure Mother was none too happy with her babysitters.

Have a grand day friends!


Sandy said...

Well, I love everything. Isn't it fun to think of all the memories associated with things. That is the kind of house I like..full of life's memories. However, I seriously love those two bunnies that are dressed. Looks like a Peter Rabbit kind of character.
The picture of you ladies is so sweet. I spotted you immediately and kind of new that was Leta too.

Arlene Grimm said...

Everyone says Leta and I look alike. Kristi takes after my mother's side of the family with that black hair. I did a pretty big purge yesterday. It was hard but I tried to remember that some things are special to me alone. And a lot of it was decorating things I was holding onto for some reason. Off to be donated to a good cause. And my attic is much neater. Trying to embrace simplicity.

Mary Hutchins said...

Your Easter decorations are so pretty, like them all. I really enjoyed the picture of you and your sisters.

Terri D said...

Precious photo and memory! I love your Easter doo-dads! Chuckles over the kids eating the "chocolate" rabbits! Wishing you a blessed Easter!!

Linda said...

I love it all!!! Every single bit!!

Gina said...

Arlene, oh so festive!! I think my favorites are the two chocolate looking bunnies. I don't blame the grands for wanting to take a bite. I do! xx