Sunday, April 23, 2017

Grimmwood in April

We were so excited to get to Grimmwood to see if the leaves were finally out on the trees! And they were!

It was a beautiful blue sky day when we arrived around lunch time on Thursday.

The Swing was just waiting on us.

We are looking forward to all the seasons this year. We moved into our little house the week before Christmas and we thoroughly enjoyed our winter weekends there with a nice fire going in the fireplace.  But now is the season for sitting on the porch and enjoying a cold beverage.

This originally held some sweet tea but water works as well.

Some of you wanted to see the bonnet I had mentioned in a previous blog. Here it it.

Looks pretty good for a 50 year old bonnet. I found the rustic hanger at Kirklands.

These farm animals are hanging in the guest room. Believe it or not I found them at Dollar General.

I added a few new things to my coffee bar wall. I plan to add some more stitching as I get it done.

We got home around lunch time today and now we are napping and reading the Sunday paper after unloading all our things.  It takes a while to transition back to City Life.:)


Anonymous said...

Hi Arlene, Grimmwood looks gorgeous. Such pretty views from your porch. Tea or lemonade would taste good this summer. I guess you had plenty of pollen, too! lol
I love the wall above the coffee bar. You really have some treasures in your cross stitched framed pieces and I love the crosses, too.
The Dollar Gen. finds are cute as can be.
We have rain today and it's perfect for reading.
Hope the week ahead is a good one.

Anonymous said...

p.s. I adore the bonnet. AND the hook is perfect. Thanks for sharing that.

Terri D said...

Oh my goodness, Spring at Grimmwood is beautiful!! It would be very hard for me to move from the swing!! Hard to believe the bonnet is 50 years old. Looks pretty good for being that old. Kirklands is a great place to shop for the unusual. The hook you found is perfect!

Linda said...

Loved seeing your place!! I got home today,too! It does take awhile to readjust to normal life in the city...

Mari said...

It looks so nice! I love that bonnet, and all your cross stitch too.

Carol said...

Oh, I feel myself getting relaxed just by looking at your wonderful Grimmwood photos, Arlene--what a special place :) How far is it from your home?

And your coffee bar wall is looking great, too! I am so bad about framing my larger finishes... Really hoping to do something about that when I retire next year :)