Thursday, April 27, 2017

On the Web

I saw some interesting items on Facebook and I decided to save them and share them with y'all on a day where the news is slow in Nanaland.

Here is the first one.

Yes I am a pink Starburst. :) Who eats those yellow Starbursts??? Right before Easter I found a bag of Starburst Jelly Beans that were all the Pink/Red Colors. Finally!! When I buy a bag of jelly beans I end up tossing the green and yellows. The black ones would be in the garbage can too but Grandpa likes those. EEWW....  I would pay extra money for a bag of red jelly beans. I would also pay extra if I could go and see a movie without previews. The last time I was at the theater there were 25 minutes worth of ads and previews. Just NO....I am paying to see the movie. I do not mind a preview or two but it has gotten ridiculous.

Number Two...

My children laugh because no matter where I am, people will tell me their life story. Maybe I should stop smiling and saying "Hi" or "Good Morning".( We still do that here in the Sunny South.)  I guess it might give the impression that we want to hear a good story!!  I want to be nice and I am usually interested in other people but I have had several encounters with people who needed to be on medication!  If you ever watched Designing Women, you might remember Julia Sugarbaker saying, "Here in the South we love our crazy relatives. We don't put them in a home, we sit them out on the front porch."   I think they are also going to Walmart now in addition to sitting on the porch.

Today is Friend Day and we are checking out a new eating place downtown. That can be a good thing or a bad thing. I am hoping it is a good thing today. I have checked out the lunch menu and it looks promising.    Have a good day friends.


Sandy said...

You have me laughing again about the crazy people. I love that quote by Julia Sugarbaker, in fact I miss that show. Lindsay says they find her all the time too.
I hate to even say it, but I am the one who eats the greens and yellows. Jeff always teases me about having such bitter taste buds. He claims I even like a BC powder. I don't mind them..he gags on them. I love pink as a color, but would choose the yellow starburst every time. EEK.

Linda said...

I love that quote about setting our crazy relatives on the front porch! Louis Dean and I sit on the drive way a good bit and I told him one evening that I bet people talk about that old couple sitting with their feet propped up drinking their wine. When we are dead and gone - I'm hoping someone will say, " Hey, do you remember those old folks that used to sit out there?"
I think you inspire trust and confidence in people.......which is a blessing and a burden both!

Terri D said...

Hope your new place is good! Let us know please!!

Anonymous said...

Arlene, I would give you all the starburst candies. I don't care for them. Now jelly beans, we may have to wrestle over them. I actually enjoy the previews before the movies. When I go with any of the children, we always either give it a thumbs up or down or whisper "that's a rental". Enjoy your lunch!

Mari said...

Funny! I always like Julia Sugarbaker and I like her quote!

Mary Hutchins said...

Being from the South, I understand! Hope the new restaurant was good!!