Friday, April 7, 2017

The Grandest Kids

Here it is Friday did that happen so fast. I do think as I get older, the clock is ticking away at a rapid speed.  And these grands keep growing too. Slow down time!!

Hampton, Kendall, Hudson and Landon traveled with their parents to the Lost Sea in Sweetwater, Tennessee as a spring break treat. You are looking at the only four children in America who turned down a trip to Disney World this summer. That's right...they do not like to ride long distances in the car and they do not enjoy the rides at the parks. So they are going on a family trip to Arkansas to spend the week exploring there.

Of course if I had a swing like this one I would probably want to stay home too. I have told Marvin that Grimmwood needs one of these.

I neglected to share this picture of Audrey enjoying Nana's biscuits. I have to teach her that all southern girls love biscuits.

I loved this picture that was made at our family pot luck last month. My cousin, Benjamin, was showing Audrey her picture on Snapchat with all the faces that made her laugh.  You can tell they are smitten with each other.

Down in Hoover, Merida and Spider Man were seen fighting crime in the Falls Bluff area. No pictures of Baylor as I have said, getting that boy's picture on camera is not an easy task.

Last of all I had to share this picture of my cousin, Scott, with the canvas we ordered from him for Grimmwood.

This will be going on the wall at Grimmwood the next time we visit. Little House in the Valley might be an appropriate title.

Hope you all have a fabulous Friday!!


Sandy said...

I was all set to comment on those adorable grands until I saw that picture. Yes, Little House in the Valley would be perfect. It is so pretty.
Speaking of the grands, they are all adorable and with all of those who have gone slap crazy about Disney, I think it is refreshing that they like other choices. I am amazed at the Disney thing these days. I am not sure I get it. The passes and going once a month. It is definitely not for me. I want to see more than Disney. Hooray for some kids who still like camping.

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Sandy I wonder how people afford those frequent trips to Disney. It was a one time treat for our children and Charles was only three so he does not even remember it. I would love to visit the Harry Potter park at Universal and maybe Epcot. I think I am done with Disney World. They are going to rent a cabin and they are visiting several attractions. One is a State Park where you can find diamonds. They can bring that home as Nana's gift. Todd and Amelia are big campers and you can find them in a tent most weekends in the summer.

Linda said...

Good morning! I sure enjoyed my first cup of coffee visiting with you and your beautiful family! What is the name of that swing?? That's the coolest thing ever! And speaking of cool - I am thrilled there are still children who would rather spend a week having adventures in the real world with real people - especially their parents! - than spend an expensive week at Disney! There's nothing wrong with Disney but I would much rather travel and see more of God's creations than being in a make believe world.
That painting is beautiful and for the first time, I really saw the whole picture of where Grimmwood is! You are so blessed!
Have a good weekend!

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Linda I sent you an email but in case you did not get it, the swing is a Sky Curve at Heartsong toys. The kids LOVE it....

Dianna said...

You have such great looking grands, Arlene. I'd be right there with your grands that turned down a trip to Disney World! I have never enjoyed rides at amusement parks. ;)

I'm glad you are teaching Audrey about these things she needs to know about being a southern girl. :) And the picture of her and your cousin at the family pot luck was beautiful. It truly is obvious that they are enjoying each other's presence.

The canvas your cousin Scott did is so beautiful! I know it will be a treasure to your family.

Preppy Empty Nester said...

Great looking family. Love your cousin's canvas. Enjoy your weekend, dear Arlene!

Anonymous said...

Arlene, if you discover how to slow down the grands' growth, let me know ASAP!

The pictures are very sweet and I agree that swing is perfect. Your cousin is very talented. What a gorgeous painting!

Visits With Mary said...

Was amazed to hear your grands didn't want to go to Disney World!! But the vacation they chose is going to be great fun for them. The canvass is so pretty, it's going to look great when it's hung!

Mari said...

Those grandkids are so cute - and such a joy! I love that they turned down Disney - shows some maturity I think!
That canvas is just beautiful.