Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Rambling Wrecks

When we finished Grimmwood, we were so happy to have a little home in NoGA. And we began to ponder the fact that now we might be able to attend some Georgia Tech football games in the fall.

So this week, Marvin locked in our SEASON ticket package.  I am so excited. I love college football and especially the Ranbling Wrecks and the Crimson Tide.

Marvin really enjoys visiting his old Alma Mater.

Located in downtown Atlanta, it is a pretty campus.  When I went to Georgia Baptist to nursing school we were assured that there were plenty of available men at Tech.  And many of my friends did end up marrying a Tech Man. Did you know that nurses and engineers make good matches.? The studies show that their personalities mesh quite well.  I know I have been very happy with my physicist/engineer.

Through the years we have managed to take in a few games. It is always exciting when the Rambling Wreck appears on the field.

And that Buzz...he is a great mascot. Marvin had to explain to granddaughter, Margaret, that it was not a was a Yellow Jacket. On a side note, Big Al, the Alabama mascot is just pitiful with that dangling floppy trunk. Surely we can do better than that BAMA!! Call the engineers at GT and have them design us a new mascot costume.

And many know the lyrics to our fight song...I'm a rambling wreck from Ga Tech and a helluva engineer.  Once son, Charles, on reading the lyrics asked his dad, "What kind of engineer is a helluva ( hell oo va) engineer.  It the only cuss word allowed in our family.:)  Strictly speaking, Marvin is a trained nuclear physicist but the work he does in the defense industry falls more into the engineering side of science.

So guess what Nana has to carry to the games this fall???? And this size is allowed. I checked. Many schools are making the ladies carry a see through bag. How this happened in the South where a woman is defined by her handbag, I do not know!!

Thanks to her sweet husband!  My blog friend, Katie at Preppy Empty Nester just posted a blog about ideas for Mother's Day Gifts and Purses were a popular choice.  If in doubt with me, a purse is always the answer.  And now maybe I can get him to buy me these shoes...

 They are cute but I would fall on my face in these high heels. And by the way, years ago GA Tech colors were black white and gold. The colors changed somewhere along the way.

So if you are looking for me on any given Saturday this fall, you can find me at Georgia Tech!


Anonymous said...

How fun to get passes for the games! I've been to ONE GT game in my lifetime and it rained and was cold! lol
My nephew graduated from Tech and enjoys the games occasionally when home from Dallas TX.
Love the purse but someone else can have those heels! lol

Arlene Grimm said...

Mildred, I am going to look for a pair of I never could wear heels even as a young woman. How do girls walk on those stilts. I am sure it throws off every bit of spinal alignment.

Sandy said...

Exciting news! I always loved when Auburn played Georgia Tech. It used to be one of our great rivalries with Auburn having a Wreck Tech parade before the game. Either way it is always fun to cheer on our team. Rooting for Georgia Tech sounds a lot more fun than rooting for that other school with the pitiful mascot...just teasing you know. I am not a crazy Harvey, but maybe just a bit crazy:)

Arlene Grimm said...

Sandy, I enjoy the Tech games much more...low key and you can just enjoy the day. If we should win, it is icing on the cake. Honestly how can the Crimson Tide allow such a crumby mascot. I have said it for years. With all the money they have, they could do much better. I guess I need to worry about more important

Terri D said...

How exciting!! Now we can look forward to your photos and sports commentary!! I'm so happy for your guys! Love the purse, but you can have the shoes! Ha!

Cranberry Morning said...

Well, that sure sounds like fun. I'd love to see you in those high heels. They're sure cute, aren't they! And so is that bag. Can't imagine that a see through bag would be well received. Lol

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh ~ those shoes! Too funny. I don't think I could stand up for 2 minutes in those shoes. I'd keel over for sure. I've not heard of the Rambling Wrecks. Too cute. I thought it was a bee too but I will take your word for it! I'm so happy you have season tickets! xo

Mari said...

How fun for you!
I agree with the purse idea - I love them!