Monday, April 10, 2017

The Stream

Well even the stream seems a bit shallow this morning so let's just wade around a bit.

1. Some days you cannot think of a thing to blog about. I find those days rather frustrating but it seems my Stream posts always generate the most comments.  How do you come up with a blog post when you are having writer's block?

2. We attended the funeral of a 93 year old wife, mother, grandmother and great grandmother who left quite the legacy. The funeral was held at a lovely Methodist church.  B eautiful stained glass windows  allowed the sunlight to pour in and the front of the church was decorated with flowers and beautiful pieces of handwork Mrs Thompson had done through out her life. She had been a nurse as well so there were pictures of her in her white uniform and neatly pinned white cap as was the style in the late 1940s. One of her daughters gave a lovely tribute to her mom and a granddaughter shared her love for her Nanaw, who had made a blanket for her that she still treasures. Bible verses were read, songs were sung and it was such a celebration of a life well lived.

3. Speaking of churches.... My church is rather normal for a modern day church. No stained glass windows and minimal adornment. After attending this funeral, I realized how much I missed a church that looked like a church. Does that make sense. The beautiful stained glass, the banners and the needlepointed kneelers just blessed my heart!  Speaking of the kneelers, Mrs Thompson was a member of the Sew and Sos, who had stitched every one of those beautiful kneelers at the altar.  If there is a Sew and So group in Heaven, I hope I am there stitching along with Mrs Thompson.

4. While riding to the funeral on Saturday we so enjoyed the beautiful rolling hills of lower Tennessee. Many beautifully kept farms were spotted and all the trees are putting out their leaves. If you have time, take a drive somewhere with your honey this week.

5. Speaking of Honeys....we ate at a small restaurant on the square called Honey's
Cafe. Marvin always likes to Check IN on his phone when we go to a restaurant or movie. So  I was glancing at my Facebook page while we waited for our food, Marvin was with his love at Honey's Cafe. Well being married to an engineer, I was surprised at the sweet sentiment. Turns out it was just one of the options on the drop down menu when he checked in. Thank you Facebook for allowing engineers to make their wives feel loved.

6. Tomorrow will be a monumental day for me. I plan to go and sign up for my Social Security! I will be 62 in May and I am claiming my benefits early.  We were chatting about retirement when I was with all my nursing school friends the other weekend. Jenny, who is a Hospice nurse, is also thinking of retirement.  She left us with this sobering thought, many of her patients waited to retire to claim their full benefits only to find they regretted that decision. I am glad Marvin was able to partially retire this year. We have enjoyed having more time together and we so enjoy Grimmwood Time.

7. Well this is a cheery post isn't it? I am amazed that I will be 62 in May. It seemed the year before I turned 16 lasted at least three those years speed by!  We do need to enjoy each moment of each day. And as this Holy Week is a time of reflection, I hope I can take time to remember how precious each day is and how important it is as a believer to leave behind a godly legacy.


Mildred said...

Hi Arlene, Those kneelers sounds so very nice. I know the church was beautiful. Many churches today do not look like the churches I grew up attending. Hope everything goes smoothly with your SS. So happy you and Marvin enjoy having extra time to spend at Grimmwood.

Gina said...

Needlepoint kneelers! Wow now that's fancy. I love sitting in a church with stained glass windows. So beautiful! I am so happy for you and Marvin and Grimmwood. So blessed my friend! xx

Mary Hutchins said...

I have this issue so often...some days it's so hard to think of anything worth saying! Mr D and I are always looking for a new place to eat, we get tired of eating at the same places. We eat out often so it doesn't take long for us to tire of a restaurant.

Mari said...

I know what you mean about a church looking like one. We meet in a school, and while the surroundings don't matter really - it's still nice!
The funeral sounds like a prefect remembrance of your friend.
Congrats on Social Security!

Linda said...

I am 68 - soon 69 now. I signed up for Medicare when I turned 65 and I was so glad to BE 65!! Surre took the sting out of getting least for a few years!