Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Stream

Jump on in, the water's fine!!

1.  Thanks for all the comments on those Ga Tech high heels!! At my age of life, a fall is my biggest fear so I will not be wearing those heels. I still wear some stacked heels in my Bernie Mev shoes but I was never a high heel fan. I remember from the movie, The Devil Wears Prada, that the ladies who wore the high heels were called the clackers.  The sound of high heels can be annoying.   Speaking of falls, my cousin, Sharon, who is 10 years younger than me, feel and broke her wrist and will be having out patient surgery today to repair the break.  Be careful out there ladies. 

2. Well for the first time in years, DMC embroidery floss is going up in price. Many ladies on my Stitch Maynia site are lamenting the fact. However these same ladies will pay $3 for a skein of over dyed floss. And some pay $8 a skein for silk.  I have tried the over dyed threads on a piece or two but I learned my lesson. I am using DMC from now on. There is not a big difference in the result...certainly not enough for the price difference.   And after seeing all the Counted Cross Stitch pieces that end up at Good Will, I cannot in good conscience spend that much money on my hobby. 

3. I am in the process of doing spring cleaning here at Nanaland. Yesterday I scheduled carpet cleaning and I had a young man come out to give me an estimate on doing some power washing.  We hear so much about this new generation of young people and how they are not interested in working etc. William who owns Full Blast Power Washing is an exception to the rule. He was so professional. He wrote up a proposal and gave me some printed information about power washing. He got the job.  I had found his name on a Priceville Facebook page and many had recommended him so now I see why!

4. My garage is looking GOOD. I am giving my children all the stuff that they had left here over the years. If they do not want it, they can toss it. But it can't stay here!!( that reminds me of the song, Closing Time!)

5. I saw on Facebook where one of my friends was traveling in Italy and was pick pocketed.  Marvin and I were discussing how many friends we have who are world travelers. Growing up I did not know a single person who traveled outside the USA unless they were in the service.  Of course in my small town, you would get your name written up in the paper if you went to Atlanta for the day! And thinking about that makes me miss the old days when my hometown newspaper would report who visited who...etc. It was my favorite part of the newspaper. One time my son, Ben, made the paper. My grandmother Tankersley had four great grandsons born in a six week period. Ben, Matthew, Ian and David were celebrated in print. My grandmother was so proud of that little article. 

6. In my cleaning out, I found a sun bonnet that my grandmother Henderson made for me when I was about 10 or 11. I found a rustic hook at Kirklands and I purchased it to take to Grimmwood . I will hang my sun bonnet on the hook to add a piece of "country" to our farm house. It is not a fancy sunbonnet. It was just made with some scraps she had but it is one of the few things I have that really remind me of a grandmother's love.  It stands the test of time which should encourage all of us Nanas to take time to love on those precious ones.

Well off to breakfast with Susan this morning as Deborah is at the beach and we cannot meet for lunch tomorrow.  After dropping off the grands at school we will meet at our local breakfast place here in Priceville.  Good Times!! 


Sandy said...

I do love your stream wading. Let's see..I agree about the DMC threads vs the others. I have done one piece with the newer vogue threads and am doing one now. I don't see the big deal either. Maybe a little variegated color, but I find they don't stitch as smoothly as DMC. I will most likely not order anymore either. I found a great chart to find the DMC color match, so I will do that from now on.
Love the idea of your homemade bonnet at Grimmwood. I am sure she would love that you still have it. I have always loved things that tell the story of our lives.
As for the kids getting their things, I have a ways to go with that. Jeff still doesn't want me to change their rooms from high school.
Oh, and I think my daughter noticed our wedding write up in the local paper. It was large for one thing and listed ALL out of town guests. She got a kick out of that. We definitely know who came from Fort Walton Beach so she found that interesting.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your breakfast. I can't wait to see your precious sunbonnet. It will be a great addition to Grimmwood.

Arlene Grimm said...

Sandy could you share where you found the chart with DMC conversions? I just did some on my own for Lady Freedom. So far it is looking pretty good. I do miss those old articles with all the details. My own wedding was written up as well.

Mildred, I had to bring home half of my was huge. Now I will have some lunch already prepared. :)

Arlene Grimm said...

Oh Sandy, I googled a conversion chart and found to print them off!!

Cranberry Morning said...

It is amazing how many people travel now. It's just not the big deal that it used to be. And as for things getting into the newspaper, my husband has 5 people from his family (extended family) who all have the same birthday. That made it to the New York Times back when! LOL

Sandy said...

Hey Arlene, I had one for Weeks and Classics. If you didn't find them I will send you the link tomorrow night. You are the only blog I read this morning. I haven't even sent you the bunny pattern yet. I have been quiet about Lucy kind of knowing the end was coming. Things starting going down this weekend and yesterday afternoon, I knew we had rounded a corner. No seizures, but the cancer? is getting her. She has gone down considerably since yesterday afternoon. I have to put her down tomorrow. I am trying to give her a great day today. She is pretty sad. Bleeding badly...can't urinate...etc. I am a mess, but know it is time. Poor mom has a terrible sinus infection and antibiotics make her sicker than the infection, so she delayed taking them until it was necessary. It is a little nutty in my world. I will be a sad sad girl tomorrow and miss her terribly, but it is part of owning a doggie. Talk to you soon.
I did a conversion of those colors without knowing I was doing one and I liked how it turned out better. I will explain that crazy comment later.

Arlene Grimm said...

Sandy I sent you an email but not sure it made just want you to know I am praying for you tomorrow as you say goodbye to Lucy. . Take care of your self in the midst of caring for everyone else.

Terri D said...

Reading about the small town newspaper brought back memories. I grew up in a small town and the local paper always had personal items printed...weddings, engagements, visitors from out of town, illnesses. Miss those times! It was a sweeter world back then, I think, and articles like that helped to make it so. Please post a photo of your bonnet in its new home!!

Terri D said...

PS....I neglected to say thanks for the lovely Easter card!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh I hope you post a picture of the sun bonnet some day. What a precious memory! It will look perfect at Grimmwood. I hope you had a lovely breakfast!

Arlene Grimm said...

I will be sure to get a picture of my sun bonnet when I go to Grimmwood. I hope I can find the perfect spot for it.

Mari said...

Good for you for cleaning and getting rid of things. I need to do more of that. I hope you post a photo of that bonnet - it's so sweet! I wish there was a small town paper around here.