Thursday, May 11, 2017

Decatur's Bank Street Players put on Steel Magnolias at the historic Princess theater and we were there.  Marvin saw an article about the play in our morning paper and asked if I would like to go. I am going to be honest and say that I almost turned him down. I love the movie Steel Magnolias and I thought the locals might not do such a great job.

I was wrong...they did a very good job of bringing the beloved characters to life.  The play is a bit different from the movie as all the action in the play takes place in Truvy's Beauty Shop.  There were many of the favorite lines from the movie and few funny lines unique to the play.

In the play, M'Lynn explains what happened to Shelby that caused her to die. ( Complications from a surgery that was done when her kidney transplant failed. She had been back on dialysis and the surgery that was supposed to help her did not.)  I think that the relationships of the these friends comes through so clearly in this movie/play. We can all identify with one character or maybe more.  I have always loved Ouiser!! But I am probably more like M'Lynn.  How about you? Who is your favorite Steel Magnolia?

I am off early in the am to have breakfast with a friend so I am posting this evening. Have a fabulous Friday Ladies.


Linda said...

I think I'm a M'Lynn, too! Love that movie!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I would like to have a little more spunk like Ouiser! And the play looks wonderful. I love that movie but it always makes me cry. Enjoy your day!

Sandy said...

I have no clue which one I am... the one that tries to make it all better with encouragement ...maybe Truvy.
I know that I love that movie. One of a kind.

Terri D said...

One of my favorite movies, and I haven't seen it in ages. We have a very good community theater group here in Lakeland. They have never disappointed. I don't know which character I'm like...maybe a mixture of a few!!