Monday, May 29, 2017

Home Sweet Home

It was a nice time away. It seems I always leave my troubles at my door when I go to Grimmwood.  We had a fun time visiting with Nancy, Charles and Audrey on Saturday.

Audrey loved the little stool Landon made for her.

And the wagon was a hit as well.

The great aunts enjoyed seeing Audrey riding like a queen in her wagon, thanks to Mommy.

Audrey and Nana...I gave her some icing off her birthday cookie as well as milk in a little Dixie Cup. She thought she was a big girl.

She is a cutie...dirty mouth and all.

I got a pretty tray from Charles and Nancy. I thought it looked great on the kitchen table.

I also got this mug from Charles to thank me for caring for Audrey while Charles and Nancy were out of town on Business Trips.  Charles tried to find a GRIMM mug for me as the tv show, Grimm, was filmed in Portland. Alas because the show ended this season there were no touristy Grimm items for sale in the city.

Audrey found this little Longaberger basket in my bedroom and she thought it was the perfect size for a two year old girlie.

Nancy took this picture today as the Canton Grimms were out and about enjoying the Memorial Day weekend.  I just love it. A girl and her is a special thing.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back and thanks for sharing the precious photos. Audrey is such a sweetie. Love the photo of her with her Dad. I love the tray from Nancy and Charles. Hope you have a restful night.

Sandy said...

The picture of you and Audrey is adorable. I can see the love. Glad you had fun at Grimmwood.

Anonymous said...

Arlene, oh what sweet sweet photographs of Audrey! She is adorable. Don't you wish you could ride in a wagon again? ♥

Mari said...

What adorable pictures! Of course it would be hard to get a bad shot of that cute little Audrey. :)
Glad you had a nice weekend. I love the tray!

Leslie Anne Tarabella said...

My husband and I just had a conversation a few weeks ago and agreed that our boy's little red wagon was their best toy ever! That Audrey is adorable!!!

doodles n daydreams said...

Arlene, these are lovely photos of Audrey she is a cutie all right. And those eyes are just beautiful :)