Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The Filling Station

Since spending more time in North Georgia we are trying to find some new places to shop and to eat. Raspberry Row is my go to gift shop in Dalton and we are adding more restaurants to our list as well.

On Sunday we visited a Bible Church in Dalton. Since we attend First Bible Church here in Decatur, we thought we would see if one was available in the area. Fellowship Bible Church is located on Dug Gap Road about a 30 minute drive from Grimmwood.  We entered an empty parking lot only to find out the service started at 11 that morning in stead of the normal 10:30 start time listed on the website. We were welcomed into the gym where they were having a special Memorial Day service.  It was a friendly gathering of about 150 people. The pastor was a young man and he told us a bit about the church.  We were invited to stay for the Picnic lunch they were going to enjoy but we had already planned to have lunch at The Filling Station.

The Filling Station is a lunch buffet situated in an old gas station...often called Filling stations here in the south.  When we arrived at 11:45, we walked right in, paid the flat fee and headed for the buffet. The food was very good and you could go back for refills. I never get my money's worth at this type of restaurant as I try to stay disciplined and eat smaller portions. Marvin however, got his money's worth on Sunday!!  By the time we were finished there was quite the line outside waiting to be seated.  While we were there we met a couple visiting the area from Huntsville, Alabama. It is a small world.  On the way home we also stopped in at  our favorite Mexican bakery. We picked up some bread and a few goodies there. I am slowly sampling their sweet treats.:)

Thanks for all the sweet comments on Audrey. She is a sweetheart and we hope we can see her more often now that we have a Georgia House. Today Landon and Kendall will be arriving for a half day as school is out and summer had officially started here in Nanaland.


Sandy said...

Yea for summer. I know the kids are excited. Now Nana gets to be tired.

Mary Hutchins said...

I would love to see filling stations make a comeback. It would be nice to pull in and have your windshield cleaned, tires and fluids checked and someone pump gas for me. Have a great day!!

Linda said...

We called them filling stations, too, long ago!
LD and I have been thinking of looking for a Cowboy Church to attend when we are at the ranch....I need to research and see if I can find one fairly close!
I admire your discipline at a buffet!!!
By the way, I'm mailing you a couple of books tomorrow.
I know you will enjoy them as much as I did. Sorry about the Little Paris Bookshop being so 'worn'....I carried that around the ranch in a bag on my bike and in the bag I gathered eggs and in a big pocket. That book has been all over the ranch!

Katie Clooney said...

Love that idea for a restaurant! Have a good week, Arlene.

Anonymous said...

Fun place to eat; glad you enjoyed it. Thankful that the church/pastor were welcoming to you. Hope you rest well tonight.

Mari said...

We called them filling stations too. I think it's a cute name for a restaurant!

Terri D said...

They were/are filling stations in Ohio too! Only makes sense!! I love the idea for a restaurant too! School is out this week for kids here. Summer has arrived!