Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Stream in Pictures

Well Friends today is a stream post with pictures. So climb in your inner tube and sit for spell in the stream as I share my week with you.

1. A New Great Niece..

Here is my niece, Sarah, and her family on Sunday. Dottie had a dance recital. You cannot even tell Sarah is expecting in this picture. Oh me, when I was pregnant I blew up all over!! Sarah is my first niece. She, Benjamin and my Ben were all born in the same year.  Pictured are left to right...Rob, Trent, Sallie,Sarah and Dottie.

And here is Mollie Rose.

Seven pounds of sweetness.  Mollie brings my great niece and nephew total to 17.  Every thing went well and soon Mollie will be at home with her brother and sisters.

2.  Sister Kristi took these pictures on the family farm the other day.

We will be heading to Grimmwood next week to celebrate my birthday.

3. Fidget Spinners....


Even Grandpa got in on the fun.

5. Some of my stitching this week.  This is a pin cushion with the Good Stitch Witch on the front. Stacy Nash Primitives is the designer. I think it will be cute when finished.

More on Smoky Mountain Christmas....I have part of the cloak done and now to back stitch which is no fun at all.

6. Birthday Gifts from Marvin arrived in the mail yesterday. My dear husband allowed me to go on a shopping spree at 123 Stitch, my favorite on line stitching store. I had a limit of course but I have enough charts to stitch for the next year. I need to stop looking at the Stitching sites on Facebook as I see someone else stitching a piece and I think to my self, I want to stitch that as well.

I love these Sue Hillis designs. I will finish these simply and hang them on my fridge for the appropriate season.  I picked up the purple Aida for the Halloween stitch and it may be my car project as it is stitched on 14 count fabric and I can see that without a magnifier.  I knew the grands would like these  cute projects.

Autumn Quakers, Pumpkin Brew and O Come All Ye Faithful.  I love that Autumn Quaker but I will not even think of starting it until Smoky Mountain Christmas is done. It will take me over a year to complete it once I start. I love stitching motifs but they can be tricky and one mistake can lead to pulling out of hair!!

Off to have lunch with my friends today. We will be celebrating my birthday so I picked one of my favorite restaurants in Hartselle. Then we will go to Deborah's house for cake and maybe some porch sitting. Marvin asked if I would like to go to Decatur's Princess Theater to see the Bank Street Players put on Steel Magnolias tonight. Well of course I said yes!! So today will be a Good Good Day.


Sandy said...

Eye candy in the cross stitch department. I need to remember to ask for 123STitch money for my next gift. Great idea. I adore that Smokey Mountain Christmas piece. That one is amazing. Always love seeing the family grow.

Arlene Grimm said...

Sandy i have to admit that when I see that SMC under my magnifier I am not always happy as the stitches include lots of half stitches and it is not as neat as I would have it but I remind myself that people will see it from a distance and they will not be examining it up close. :) Dena, a sweet Georgia Lady on Floss Tube has sent hers to the framer and I cannot wait to see it all framed and completely finished. I need to STOP ordering and work on what I have. But I could not turn down that offer for my bd.

Mary Hutchins said...

I love shopping at 123Stitch, I also like Everything Cross Stitch. Great to have so many patterns in your stash just waiting for their turn in the hoop! Your new niece is precious.

Cranberry Morning said...

What a beautiful family! And Arlene, your stitching is so perfect and I love the designs you choose. Hope you have a good day today. It sounds like it will be. :-)

carol said...

Congratulations on your new little great-niece, Arlene! She is so precious :)

And how nice to get a 123 Stitch certificate for your birthday--that is my favorite gift, too. One of my sons texted to ask what I would like for Mother's Day and I replied--"you already know--a 123 gift certificate." Love new stash so much more than flowers :)

Smoky Mountain Christmas is getting prettier and prettier--I look forward to watching it grow.

Happy Birthday and happy weekend and Mother's Day to you!

Anonymous said...

Such a precious new baby! Congrats to all.
I love your stitchery gifts and projects.
I know you have had a fun and full day!

Mari said...

Beautiful family and new baby! I love all your new projects. Marvin did good!

Anonymous said...

Arlene, congratulations on baby Mollie! So sweet!

Happy early Birthday! What a wonderful shopping spree gift. I am looking forward to seeing your finished projects (and pictures as you work on them!). Enjoy Grimmwood!

Terri D said...

Congratulations to all on the birth of that sweet little baby girl!! We had a rather lengthy and funny conversation about spinners at lunch today, with a bunch of my co-workers. I may have to go get one for myself! LOL I enjoyed your post and especially the photos!