Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Stream

Good Morning...its a bit chilly but let's dip a toe in the stream!

1. I saw the movie, Enough, featuring Chonda Pierce, last night with my friend, Andrea. I really found it quite touching. Ms Pierce deals frankly with what it is like to be a widow after 30 years of marriage.  I was happy to see that her group of girl friends are the ones who have been her source of solace in the last three years. Chonda lives in the small town she grew up in and  seems to be just Chonda when she is not on the road traveling. I like that.  While the movie costs more than the others playing at the theater, we watched NO previews. I am sure theaters could make money by offering preview free movies at a dollar or two more in price. I would pay it!

2. School is out in two weeks!! I am racking my brain coming up with things for the grands to do on the Tuesdays and Wednesdays they are here. Thanks to You Tube we will be doing some art lessons. I am also planning to do a class on Cursive Writing. Thanks to my second grade teacher, Miss Macie, I have a nice handwriting and I want to pass the torch.

3. My dear next door neighbors will be moving to Florida with their daughter at the end of the month. Jean and John have been our neighbors for 8 years and we treasure their friendship.  I admit to a bit of anxiety as we prepare for new neighbors. When you live in a town home community it is important to have good neighbors.

4. My plants in the front beds are coming along nicely.  I am trying to keep the bugs from eating my hostas like they did last year. Sevin is my friend.

5. I am hosting our neighborhood book club on Monday morning. Thanks to Susan for reminding me it was the 15th and not the 22nd  We are reading Swan Place by Augusta Trobaugh.  Ms Trobaugh is one of my favorite Southern authors.  I will be trying a new recipe I found in Southern Lady magazine, Sweet Tea Pound Cake.  Yes you put tea in the pound cake!! Sounded perfect for a book club dessert when reading a Southern Novel. I am also making Cheese Straws, I need to make a big batch for book club and for our family pot luck in Georgia on the 20th.

6. Speaking of the family potluck...have you checked out Dollar Tree for some nice deals on seasonal paper plates and napkins?  I have been very impressed with our Dollar Tree on Sixth Avenue here in Decatur. It is a big store and has a wide selection of items for $1.

7. I am going to get another new great niece today and I am so happy and excited. Mollie will arrive today in Memphis. She will be Lee and Lanier's 14th grandchild. Can you imagine 14 grands? I have 8 and some days I am overwhelmed by that thought. It is a big responsibility to keep up with birthdays and special events. Mollie will join brother, Rob and sisters, Dottie and Sallie.  Please say a prayer  for my niece, Sarah as labor is just what it says it is, labor.

Time for Car thing I look forward to about summertime is NO car pool!! It has not improved over the last 15 years since I had children in school!! Have a blessed day friends.


Anonymous said...

I appreciate you sharing about Ms. Pierce. She is an inspiration to so many.
Hard to believe school will soon be out. Our little neighbor girl is counting the days! Best wishes with your flower beds. I love hosta but cannot grow it here due to deer. I hope your new neighbors will be a blessing to you and Marvin. The sweet tea pound cake sounds delicious and perfect for your book club meeting. Have a blessed day. May the Lord bless Sarah and her new baby.

Sandy said...

Always love reading your stream posts. I hate that cursive has died. I simply love it. I found that most kids loved learning it and I always found the time to teach it. I realize more everyday that even though I try not be that I am becoming a dinosaur.

Mrs.T said...

Arlene, I always love wading into the stream to catch up with what's on your mind. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

If I come up with any thoughts on things to do with the grands I will share with you. Glad you are planning to do cursive writing with them. You do have beautiful handwriting and that will be a wonderful skill for the kids to learn.

Terri D said...

Crossing my fingers that you will get some new lovely neighbors who will become great friends. I'm excited to hear about your art projects and cursive writing lessons with the grands! Prayers lifted for your new grand-niece! A new baby is always exciting. We're getting a new grand niece or nephew in November! Just got the news today!

Linda said...

So you will have your grands two days a week? How old are they? Perhaps we can share ideas! I will continue to have the quads one day a week but I'm thinking of changing it to Fridays. I've been missing them! We are returning to the ranch in a few days so I havent seen them since the last Quad Monday here!

Dianna said...

Hello Arlene,
I am so glad that you are going to do cursive writing with your grandchildren this summer. I was saddened when I heard that the children are no longer taught cursive in school. It will soon be a lost art.

Our varigated Hosta is just beautiful this year, but this is about the time of the season that we will get hard and damaging winds and rain so I am enjoying it while I can.

I do hope that Sarah got along well yesterday with her delivery.