Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Put On a Happy Face

Well after 20 years of meeting every Thursday for lunch, the Besties and I decided that Monday might be a better day to meet for the time being. We usually leave for Grimmwood on Thursday and I hate missing any time with the two ladies who make me laugh and encourage me to be a better person. While we were having lunch at Panera yesterday, we were talking about how difficult it is to get older. Not just the aches and pains but losing friends and attending more funerals. It can be downright depressing.  I attended a funeral last week for the husband of my first cousin, Charlotte. Her husband of 27 years died suddenly of a massive MI.  Charlotte had just retired and had planned many more years of traveling and enjoying her sweetheart.  People, we do not have the promise of tomorrow.  So let's try to enjoy each day that we have here on this good earth.

I was thinking of some ways to put on a happy face and I came up with these.

1. Send some happy mail.

I always try to keep a few goodies on hand to put in the mail to a friend. One of these envelopes holds a cross stitch pattern and the other envelope holds a package of pretty cocktail napkins that I though an ailing friend might enjoy.  When we think of others we take the focus off of ourselves and our grievances.

2. Read a Good Book.

Can you believe that it was 20 years ago that Harry Potter appeared on the book shelves? This series enchanted me from the very beginning.  Visit your local library. Our library always has an interesting exhibit as well as the used book store that calls my name each time I visit the Decatur Public Library.

3.Work on a craft. It does not have to be hard! This one I found at Hobby Lobby is easy peasy. You do not even need glue. The links connect without it.

And here is a piece of needlework I have been stitching. It makes me smile each time I pick it up.

Its the Most Wonderful Fright of the Year by Sue Hillis Designs.


For believers the Scriptures never fail to comfort and encourage. I keep my Bible out so that I can read a few words throughout the day.

5. Enjoy a healthy snack.

As we get older we have to really watch our diet. But every afternoon, I  like a little snack. A big glass of water and a small pack of yogurt raisins hits the spot. I am so glad Sun-Maid has packaged their yogurt raisins in individual sizes.  I find if I sit down with a bag of anything, I will eat TOO much.  I love my Simply Southern Tervis Glass as it keeps my water nice and cold. I try to keep it filled up through the day.

6. Chat with a friend. It can be on the phone or over the Net. I email a high school friend of mine at least every other day. We lost touch and reconnected when she found my blog. We have so enjoyed our times together. Another sweet friend just moved to Anniston, Alabama and we Facebook message. She is one of my faithful prayer warriors so I am happy we have stayed in touch in spite of the miles between us.  Don't forget texting. Several friends I know who have dealt with serious illnesses said that a text with a Scripture or just "I am praying for you." has lifted tired spirits.

So I hope that helped you because it was a good reminder to me that it is not all about ME!!  Have a blessed day dear friends. Your comments refresh me daily.


Anonymous said...

Hi Arlene, Two of my college girlfriends' husbands died recently. We were discussing aches/pains, loss of loved ones etc. Saturday at our get together. John is diabetic and we discovered raisins are so high in sugar. He likes the Glucerna bars (available at Walmart) for a pick-me-up snack.

Sandy said...

A very relevant post indeed. You know when I really think about it I know so many people who think retirement is the end all be all only to have something such as your cousin is facing happen. Mine certainly didn't turn out like I planned. One of the girls I taught with for many many years at two different schools started retirement with her husband dying of cancer.
I have my regrets that I spent far too much time thinking about retirement instead of living then. I aim to do better now, because we ain't getting any younger:)
I loved your list.
I also remember something you said one time many posts ago about putting things down when you weren't enjoying them. I ditched a book yesterday and started a new one. I have a UTI and feel so stinky. I couldn't do much other than read yesterday. When I started the new one, the birds started singing. I have been toting the other one around for a dang week. Yuk!
Oh, and while I am on it...thank goodness for that advice too as it applies to stitching. I made a mistake on the sampler. It is quite honestly an easy fix, but I am just not in the mood right now. I am putting that thing aside until I am in a better mood and stitching me some Christmas ornaments.
I need to write a few notes too.
Thanks for the very good post today!

Mary said...

What a lovely post, I try to learn something new each day and with my forgetful brain that is a challenge. Great suggestions and love your pay it forward with the little gifts, to make someone's day nicer is a great gift for the giver and the recipient.

Mrs.T said...

What a wonderful post, Arlene! I needed this today! Thanks so much for sharing.

Arlene Grimm said...

Thanks dear friends for your sweet comments. It is so easy to allow our joy to be stolen away. The old Deceiver would like to isolate us so he can do his best work to make us feel defeated. I am thankful for this community of friends who lift each other up, pray for concerns and teach me new things each day. Mildred, I will never like attending a funeral but I realize that in this season of life it will happen. I am so thankful that the ones I have attended recently were funerals for believers. Such a comfort!! Sandy, I can get so aggravated over little things. I was feeling the same way last week about a piece I was stitching. I put it away and pulled out that cute Sue Hillis piece and I am so ENJOYING that stitch. I am ready to stitch fall and Christmas things for sure. Hope you feel better soon. I got two books in the mail from Amazon. I seldom purchase books but I could not find them anywhere!! I will do some reviews if they are good. Mary, I love to give and receive gifts. Just a little Happy gift like cocktail napkins makes my day. I browse TJ Maxx and Tuesday Morning to search for little gifts for my gift closet. Mrs have had a LOT on your plate recently. I pray that the days will calm down and you and the mister can have more of those little lakeside picnics. I should have added that to my list!!

Mary Hutchins said...

Arlene, I also meet once a week, on Wednesday, with a group of long time friends. We are so good for each other, the Lord has surely blessed us. I enjoyed all the encouraging tips, some I've done and some I'm going to try. Hope you're having a great day.

Terri D said...

Great advice Arlene! I like all of your suggestions!! You are so right about losing friends and family as we get older. Life is short, even for those who beat the odds and make it into their 80s and 90s.

sharon said...

Such a great reminder. At my school last year we had two teachers whose husbands passed away and today a just learned that a teacher I used to work with lost her husband. We need to live each day! There is no promise of tomorrow.

Mari said...

That's a great list! I like yogurt raisins too and will have to look for them in a box, because the bag does invite you to eat more than you need!