Saturday, June 17, 2017

Stitchy Mail

What is it about opening your mail box and finding a package? I do not know about you but I channel Christmas and birthday rolled into one when I spy a package in the mail.  This week I received some Stitchy Mail from my friend Tonya at Tonya's Sewing Room.  Tonya has an ETSY shop as well as a Floss Tube channel. She is  a southern gal like me and she lives in a rural part of North Carolina. I have ordered several project bags from her as well as needleminders.  Project bags are great for keeping cross stitch projects organized and neat and tidy. Now that I am the owner of my very own Singer Sewing Machine, I may be making my own from here on out.

I asked for one for my Halloween project, The Most Wonderful Fright of the Year.  She came up with this cute Charlie Brown fabric.

I do not think I will be losing this bright bag( unless another stitcher snatches it.)

Here is one that could hold any project.

I love the vintage look of this project bag.

Here are my needle minders.

I ordered the Holly Hobby needle minder and Tonya gifted me the cute witches hat.  I will be using the hat on my Sue Hillis Halloween project. So many of the ETSY shop owners I have worked with are so generous with their customers. Often they will toss in a freebie or a nice card or note.

I mentioned earlier I had purchased a very basic Singer. I wanted to be able to do some home decor projects as well as finishing some of my cross stitch projects. I have not touched a machine in about 20 years so I am hoping it is like riding a bicycle and it will come back to me. If not,  I will check You Tube.  I took home ec in high school, made most of my own clothes as well as dresses for Amelia when she was a girl so I am not a novice but I am still feeling rather hesitant about taking up this craft again. I will let you know how it goes! Any hints for diving into sewing again will be welcome.


Sandy said...

Your bags are adorable. I think it will come back to you, but YouTube is amazing. You can find a tutorial for just about everything. We are in our way to Athens, so be back next week sometime.

tonyamay said...

Yes, you will pick up sewing again like riding a bike. Thanks so much for the sweet, sweet post and mentioning me.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your sewing machine, Arlene! I keep telling myself that I will buy one when I have all my crafts organized... I get organized but then I take things out to make something else and BOOM a mess again. One of these days!

Love the Peanuts Halloween fabric!

Mari said...

Yes - getting a package is so fun!
I think that sewing will come right back to you. :)