Thursday, June 1, 2017

This and That

I am off to Cracker Barrel this morning for our JUNE breakfast. How did it get to be June already??? I will take some pictures at Cracker Barrel ...I am wondering if they are decorating for fall already.

I was in Hobby Lobby this week and here is what I saw there.

Please people...I love holidays as well but let's wait until we eat our 4th of July hamburgers and hotdogs before we climb on the Fall/Winter bandwagon.

One of my Facebook friends shared this cute visual.  I love all these things except cleaning the lint filter.  I mean I do it but it does not make me happy.    The nice pen...oh yeah. I have been known to ask people where they got their pens. I love a good ink pen.  Having the dentist call and tell you that you need to reschedule because he will not be in the office on the day of your appointment is epic. That happened to me just this week!! ( If I had a tooth ache I would not have been so happy but this was just a cleaning).  Everyone in my family knows of my love affair with clean sheets. If I  lived at Downton Abbey, those maids would change my sheets daily!!  Brownies are a no brainer.  And finally having my coffee in the morning, scrolling through the computer as I recline in my cozy chair is just about as perfect as can be!!  What is a weird thing that makes you happy?

Thanks for all the nice comments on my stitching. I try to stitch every day.  A few stitches may be all that I get in on a piece but I have become more intentional in my stitching.

 It really does improve my mental health...I am convinced of it.  And I have something to show at the end of my endeavor! That is better than housework or laundry. It seems the minute I get either of these things done, I am back at it right away.

Have a good day dear friends! You all improve my mental health as well!!


Sandy said...

I loved the graphic and agree all are great except cleaning the lint filter. I saw those things at HL too the other day. I mean REALLY!!! I am just getting excited about summer. I know cross stitching is as good as mediation for some on mental health. It is my reward too. I clean a room and then sit and stitch for 15 minutes:)!!!

Anonymous said...

The stores rush the seasons. I am not in the mood for fall yet!
Hope you have a very nice time out this morning.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I think I would like clean sheets every day too! Here's what I would add to the list...I called my dentist to make an appointment for a cleaning and the receptionist said she just had a cancellation...would I like to come in 45 minutes! I said YES and they even gave me 10% off for taking it! No dread about going! I loved it! lol Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Arlene, I was at Cracker Barrel last Saturday and I didn't see any Christmas things up yet. I did see a bit of Halloween but no fall items. I want to go to Hobby Lobby soon to look for a few more patriotic items. I hope they haven't run out. xo

Dianna said...

HAHAHA...know what thing that makes me happy? Cleaning the lint filter. Yeah, weird, I know...but someone has to do it. lol

Your stitching is always beautiful, Arlene. I love seeing your projects!

Terri D said...

I agree that it seems crazy seeing Christmas decorations in June, but at Hobby Lobby the crafters are just getting started on their Christmas crafts so it makes sense to me to see them there....but not at Walmart and CVS!! LOL

Mari said...

I'm not ready for Fall or winter things!
I love that happy chart. The pen thing is right on. I've been told it's a nurse thing. :)
I always like your cross stitch.

doodles n daydreams said...

Maybe I am strange but I enjoy doing the washing (laundry). I enjoy sorting it, pegging it on the line, bringing it back in, folding or ironing it but I hate putting it all away. Weird or not?
That's a cool cross stitch, I'm almost tempted to start one :)


tonyamay said...

I love fresh sheets as well, and especially a fresh pillowcase, guess that goes without saying with having fresh sheets.

Arlene Grimm said...

Thanks for visiting Tonya!! And that is why we are friends...we love a lot of the same things.:)