Monday, June 12, 2017

This and That

I promised a photograph of Kendall.

Here she is in the outfit she chose at Academy. It was Nana's penance for missing the championship game.   She is growing like a weed...she is 5'3" already!

If you missed my posting comments on your blogs, we were out of town and I simply cannot type on my phone. I hope to catch up today.

We were at Grimmwood for several days. I took this new decorative piece along with me.

My friend, Stephanie made it for me. She used one of the new ceramic tiles that looks like wood, cranked up her Cricut. and cut out the letters in vinyl.  Here it is on the mantle.

While in Eton, I drove by my old elementary school. Nowdays it is an alternative school as a new Eton  Elementary School was built a few years ago.

It looks quite different with new windows. With no AC, the windows were open most of the fall and spring. Also, the school is closer to the drive than I remembered it being. ( I am sure they moved it while I was not looking!) Isn't it strange how things seemed so much bigger when we were children?

Before everything was paved, there was a grassy area in front of the school with a sidewalk encircling the school. Many happy hours were spent jumping rope and playing Jacks with my friends at Recess.  Jump Rope was our favorite pastime. I guess we burned up a lot of calories doing that everyday.

While many things had changed, I noted that some of the old shade trees we played under were still there.

Times do change but a little part of me wishes my school looked as it did in the 1960s. At least I have it in my heart.

As always when coming home, there is work to be done. Laundry and groceries are on the list today. Have a great Monday Friends.


Mrs.T said...

Yes, that is the thing about coming home. Always work to be done! We had a busy weekend here with my dad's graveside service (and a family/friends gathering afterward at our church fellowship hall) on Saturday, then attending a graduation party for a girl in our church in the evening. Sunday was the usual busy but joyful day at church. Today it is back to real life. Lots of laundry and cleaning!

Lovely photo of Kendall and I like your Grimmwood sign. Guess there is no limit to what one can do with those Cricuts.

Sandy said...

Love the new sign. A Cricut has been purchased here. I was on a no spending thing, but Lindsay's little project called for it. I need to now make it useful, cuz it wasn't cheap!!! Your elementary school looked a lot better than mine. Mine was old even back then, but had the big windows that were always open with lots of oaks around it. Good good memories!!!

Mary Hutchins said...

I remember the days of jump rope and jacks! So long ago. Kendall looks so cute in her new outfit, she's a pretty girl. What a great idea to use a floor tile to make a plague, the one your friend made for you is so cute. Maybe I'll give that a try one day soon.

Karen said...

Kendall is adorable in the cute summer outfit! Nice that you got to drive by your old school. I have such fond memories of elementary teachers and friends.

Arlene Grimm said...

Sandy, you will enjoy your new toy. It is amazing what it can do. So glad I have a friend I can commission! And Ladies, I purchased a small sewing machine today. My sweet mother gave us girls some spending money and I used mine to get a simple Singer. I want to finish some of my cross stitch projects. Thanks for the kind words about Kendall. She is a precious girl.

Katie Clooney said...

The new sign is adorable. Kendall is a beautiful young lady. It's not going to be easy to keep the boys away! Enjoy your week, Arlene.

Mari said...

Nice pic of Kendall! I love that new sign!
I know what you mean about wishing things stayed the same. They never do though...

Linda said...

Your Kendall is adorable! I have never been as tall as she. I made it to 5'2" and now have shrunk down to 5'0.5"!
Yes, going back and forth is a bit of work. We figure it is worth it when we stay longer. WE may not go home until the end of the month!

Gina said...

Arlene, what sweet memories! Everything seems so much bigger when we were children! Kendall looks so poised and ladylike. Lovely young lady!