Thursday, July 20, 2017

Farm to Table

Well one good thing about Hobby Lobby pushing Fall and Christmas, there is a good sale on the Summer items. 80% off of what is left in the Summer Aisle. Yes Please!

I did find a pretty plate that I will take to Grimmwood.

It was originally priced at $25 but I got  it for $5!

Thank you for praying for Marvin's cousin, Susan. She passed away today at her home, surrounded by her family. She fought a valiant fight and I am glad that she is at peace.  We wish we could attend the funeral but with Marvin's back problems we know an 8 hour car trip is out of the question.

Marvin is continuing his therapy for his back and it seems to be helping. He is diligent in doing his exercises every day as well.  We are hoping to get back to Grimmwood next weekend. I will have a new job, doing the weed eating!!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Its a Daisy Day

My next door neighbors have a lovely bed of daisies that are blooming right now. Daisies are such a cheerful flower.   I remember one of my friends used them in her wedding as they were her favorite flower.

I put a few in a vase with sea shells at the bottom...just says summertime to me.

I was reading up on Daisies. The name comes from an old English word that meant Days Eye. These flowers bloom on every continent except Anartica.  They are rather like Poinsettias in that the middle part of the daisy is considered a flower on its own. Two flowers in one is how it is described in my reading.

Marvin was able to go to work Monday and Tuesday. He seems to be doing better and if we can get that pesky knee under control, I think we will be on the road to recovery. Thanks so much for all your prayers. Also, Marvin's cousin, Susan, has gone home with Hospice. Please pray for her family. Her daughter is expecting a baby in September and had hoped her mama would make it until the birth.

I hope all of my blog friends have a blessed Wednesday.

Jane and Lucy

After watching many Braves Baseball Games and  Wimbledon Tennis matches, I was tired of sports. Since Marvin cannot climb the stairs to the Man Cave, we have been sharing the tv in the living room.  And while I am glad the Braves have turned a corner and are doing well, I was ready for a change.

I turned on my Floss tube online and watched that for a bit.  Then I became intrigued with a suggested video...Jane Austen Behind Closed Doors.  It just popped up as a video I might enjoy as I have watched many Lucy Worsley presentations on You Tube via the BBC.

  Jane Austen died two hundred years ago today so it is very appropriate to take a look at one of my favorite authors.  She was only 41 years old and probably died of a disease that could be easily treated  today.   But before we remember Jane, let's meet Lucy.


Here is the lovely Lucy. She is a historian, Royal curator and tv hostess. She makes history come  alive. You may have seen her on PBS  presenting The Six Wives of Henry the Eighth. After I watched this series I wanted to see more history with Lucy.

Her one hour program is a must for any Austen fan. Lucy takes us to the houses where Jane lived, describes Jane's complicated family life and shares with us the inspiration for Jane's novels. Sadly Jane did not live to enjoy her popularity as a novelist.  Her novels sold well but as she sold the rights for the first works, she never received a royalty  for Pride and Prejudice. She did wise up a bit and refused to sell the rights of later novels.  I enjoyed seeing the houses where Jane lived, her visits to Bath and Lyme. Her position in life and her travels definitely had an impact on the themes of her books.

So if you have a lazy afternoon with nothing to do, go to You Tube and check out this interesting program.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Hurray for Habitat for Humanity

I had the pleasure of attending the dedication of the newest Habitat House here in Decatur.  And it belongs to my friend, Kathleen.

Kathleen, her husband, Harold and son, Michael, will be moving into their new home next weekend.  Kathleen is quite a woman.After her husband became disabled due to complications from a surgery, Kathleen stepped up to the plate to care for her husband and her family. Originally from Upstate New York, Kathleen and Harold are true southerners now.  The Moores attend First Bible Church and Kathleen is in my small group of ladies who meet for encouragement and prayer. I can still remember the day Kathleen told our little group that she and Harold were applying to be accepted into the Habitat program. And believe me, it is not easy. It has been a three year journey for this family. They took required classes and worked on the houses of other Habitat families while waiting for their home to be built.

Today was a very touching day...celebrating this accomplishment! Our church, First Bible, was one of the sponsors in building the home. In addition to giving money for the project, many FBC members worked on the house.

And here it is...just lovely. It is a two bedroom two bath home. In the master bedroom is a nook devoted to Harold's dialysis, which Kathleen does all by herself. She shared with me that she was not pleased with the dialysis center so she learned to administer the dialysis.  As an old nurse, I do not know if I would be comfortable doing that so my hat is off to my amazing friend.

The kitchen and the living room are one big area. The Moores are going to really enjoy this new home.

And here is a gift for the family from our small group. Moore with The blessing house in white across the name. established 2017.  Kathleen and Harold are planning to use their new home to be a blessing in the neighborhood.  God Bless this wonderful family in their new home.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Crispy Critter

  I do not usually post on Sunday but several people were so sweet to ask how Marvin is doing so here is a short update.

The epidural went well. We found the hospital and the area where we were to be. The nurses and doctors were very nice and efficient. However by the time we went for his epidural his knee was bothering him because he had been walking in such a way that he put strain on it to avoid back pain. So we came home from the procedure and iced it good. We did the same thing again today and it seems to be helping. He was able to shower and do the exercises the physical therapist gave him so we are going to call today a victory.

We have decided that we will see a chiropractor for some help as well. Marvin is very limited in the pain meds he can  take so we are going to look for some help with pain management.   So we have a plan. Thanks so much for all the prayers and the good wishes.  It has been a hard three weeks and frankly I am ready to see some forward progress.  Hopefully we are moving in the right direction.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Saturday Stitching

I hope this is true...I do know stitching keeps me on an even keel and produces some nice items for my home and for gifts.

This week I took some time to work in my Stitchy Journal...purchased from Amanda's ETSY store. You can find Amanda at Dixie Delights on my blog roll. These are the pretty threads I got this month from Colour and Cotton.  And that blue came in handy as I was working on some ornaments for my Grands for Christmas.

Here is the start of my next Christmas ornament for Grimmwood along with a car for Margaret and a truck for Elliott.  I am not sure how I will finish the kids ornaments but I will share them here when they are completed.

And here are my present Works in Progress.

This is Prairie Schooler Village number 15. It was designed in the 1980s but I am bringing it into the future with some overdyed flosses along with some changes in the pattern.

The most wonderful Fright of the Year by Sue Willis. My little witches hat needle minder came from Tonya's Sewing Room on ETSY.

A bit more progress on Smoky Mountain Christmas. I will be working on it this weekend. I am part of a Facebook Stitch Along  with this piece. Several ladies are stitching it. My online stitchy friend, Dena, finished hers and it is just beautiful.

And a new start...a Primitive by Stacy Nash Primitives.

I like the old fashioned tone of this Halloween primitive.

So there is my work this week.  I am beginning to focus on fall pieces. I did not complete all the Summer pieces I had hoped to complete but maybe next year!!

Friday, July 14, 2017

Friday Facebook Funny

I saw several clever posts on Facebook this week and thought I would share them today. We can all use a laugh to start the weekend.

This did make me laugh when I saw it on a friend's page.

Then another friend shared this one.

I am sure we will see more of these memes in the wake of the Jaydenksmith hoax that was making the rounds this week. I received quite a few messages from friends telling me not to accept a friend request from Jayden K Smith.  They mean well but it just goes to show how quickly the internet hoaxes get started and fly through social media.

I do make it a point to check out anyone wanting to be my friend on Facebook.  One time my son sent a friend request and the profile picture looked  like a mafia boss so I declined the invitation thinking Ben had been hacked. Finally he sent me a text, "Mom why do you keep deleting my friend request?" I suggested he put his own photo on the profile picture and I would gladly be his friend.:)

I also want to introduce a new blogger who you will find on my blog roll. VA Farmwife Life. This blog is written by Ashley, who I have known since she was a young girl. Her father is one of the pastors at our church and Ashley helped me teach the two year old Sunday School class one year.  I am excited to see young people embrace blogging as VLOGGING seems to be taking over the net.  Ashley and her husband live on a beef cattle farm in Virginia and they have an adorable baby girl, Emory.  Go by and visit!! Tell her you are visiting from Nanaland.

We are off to the hospital this afternoon for Marvin's epidural. Please send up some prayers that all will go well.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Throw Back Thursday

I thought I would take you back to July 2012. My friend Mrs T at Across My Kitchen Table has been sharing some posts from the past and I decided I would just steal her idea. Thanks Mrs T.

In July 2015 we took a family vacation to Tybee Island, Ga. It used to be called Savannah Beach when my husband was growing up in Savannah or simply The Beach.  We spent many happy times there with our children when they were growing up, thanks to the generosity  of my Marvin's sis, Mina, and bro in law, Raymond. The Smiths were very generous to share their beach house with us.  But for this trip we rented a house at The Sanctuary and we had a wonderful time.

Kendall, Landon and Margaret enjoyed the sand.

Landon, Margaret and baby Baylor with his back to us.

Margaret, my niece, Gabby and Kendall. We had a nice family dinner at Carey Hilliard's restaurant one of our favorite places to eat in Savannah.

Believe it or not, all these big guys are Gabby's first cousins. I love the look on Gabby's face. Our sons, Charles and Ben are on the left. Douglas Grimm is standing by Gabby, Will Grimm behind him and finally nephew Benjamin Smith at the right.  Our Ben and Benjamin are the same age and are very good friends.

Me and two of my sister in laws, Barbara and Monique Grimm.

On that trip, we picked up a few things that had belonged to Mama G. They came home with us to be enjoyed for more generations.

We gave Mama G this Polar Bear cookie jar years ago. She was a big cookie baker, especially at Christmas. He sits out on our bookshelf upstairs all year long now.

Mama G's best friend, Viola, made these for her as a Christmas gift and I always thought they were so cute. Mama G kept her Christmas cards in the sleigh. I fill it with Christmas ornaments and put it out in the upstairs bath during the holidays.

Hope you enjoyed taking a trip back in time.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

As the Back Turns

Or an update on Marvin's back....

We felt encouraged after seeing the Physician's Assistant for our Spinal Doctor on Monday.  She said that most of his problems are typical for someone his age. No great herniations but some flattening out that can cause the symptoms he was having. He does have a synovial cyst( fluid filled cyst) that could be causing the problems so he will have an epidural for that and he will start physical therapy.

Now for the Nurse Ratchet part. You might remember her from the movie, One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest, she was a MEAN nurse. Marvin often calls me that but hey, sometimes a mean nurse is called for. I told Marvin, since he does not have any great problems, he is to be up walking around once an hour. He will get weak if he sits in his chair all day. I also told him that from here on out, we both are going to have a certain amount of pain that is just part of the aging process.. We are doing to have to deal with it.  I shared a tip with him that I often use if I am having old Lamaze breathing. Honestly I did not know that when I took Lamaze 37 years ago that the technique the instructor taught us for getting through labor is good for any kind of pain.  I think it calms one down and redirects the brain a bit.

Today we will set up physical therapy appointments, schedule the epidural when we are called by the surgery center and we will try to focus on the positive.  He no longer has pains shooting down his legs which I think is a step in the right direction.  Our PA also arranged for Marvin to have a temporary Handicapped tag for his car. Now he can think about going back to work at the end of the week. He works at a huge facility and it is quite the walk from his car to his office. Being able to park near the entrance is a big help.

Thank you all for the prayers. I can tell you that I have felt them. I had a real peace yesterday that allowed me to focus on the task at hand instead of fretting and fuming. I think both Marvin and myself needed an attitude adjustment.  Please pray that the treatment will work for Marvin and relieve some of the pain that has plagued him. Thankful this morning for all my prayer warriors.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Grimmlin Princess

Being the youngest of our grandchildren, Audrey gets a lot of attention from everyone. We wish she lived a bit closer to us so we could get more of the Princess Sugar. For those of you who do not live in the south, Sugar is synonymous with Kisses.

Charles and Nancy  have shared some recent pictures with me and now I am sharing them here. is Mom and Dad.

They had a date night recently and snapped this picture.  They saw the movie, The Big Sick, which they enjoyed.

Audrey is quickly outgrowing the baby stage and becoming a toddler.

She enjoyed playing with Mommy's goggles at the pool. 

And the park is always a fun place even in the summer heat.

Excited to go to church on Sunday.

And finally my favorite professional photo made by Victoria, who has captured Audrey'slife from infant to toddler.

This photo was made at  Red Oak Lavender Farmi n North Georgia.  This is the picture Nana plans to buy to update my grands corner where I display my favorite children.   Again, time is flying by as it seems only yesterday Audrey was born! Cherish the moment.

Monday, July 10, 2017

The Stream

Good Morning...lets paddle gently down the stream. Because that is about all I can do today.

1. We are off to the doctor this morning for an orthopedist/spinal consult for Marvin. After two weeks of pain we got an MRI which showed he has a herniated disc.  We could not see the physician until August 31st( by which time I would have killed him or he would have died of pain.)  So we opted for this doctor's PA so we can find out what our options are for treatment. Prayers appreciated as we consider what this medical professional has to say.  Thanks to friend, Susan, for suggesting Marvin use her husband's back brace. Of all the treatments that seems to work the best.  In addition to Marvin's problem, we were informed that a much loved cousin is struggling with the end stage of breast cancer. She has fought for years and seemed to be stable when the cancer reared its ugly head with a vengeance.  Our hearts are broken for her and her family.

2. We have been home a lot...watching Wimbledon  and the Atlanta Braves. I am thankful I have my stitching to keep me busy. I have accomplished a good bit of work on every piece in my rotation.  I may share my rotation with y'all this stitching Saturday. It does keep me from becoming bored with working on one piece as was my habit in years past. So thankful for the Stitching community I have found online.

3. I finished a good book, The Chilbury Ladies Choir by Jennifer Ryan. The second World War has just begun in England and while the ladies of the community are willing to give up a lot, singing is not on that list. This spirited group of ladies gather each week to sing and they find it does help them to cope with the woes of war.  I believe I read this book in two days. I found it hard to put down. One reviewer noted that it was rather predictable but hey, right now I want to read a book where all ends well and I put it down feeling happy.

4. On TV, we have been enjoying Prime Suspect 1973. Masterpiece Theater has kept us entertained for years. We remember Jane Tennison and it is interesting to see her as a rookie cop in this series. As a matter of fact, I looked up the old series on Amazon and I may purchase it to take to Grimmwood. We have watched all our Morse's and Inspector Lewis. Speaking of Morse, Endeavor which chronicles Morse's early years as a policeman is set to return to PBS in August.  Why can't we make some quality programs on this side of the pond?

5. One more TV post here.( as  I said, we have been homebound)   We enjoyed watching To Joey with Love on CMT last week. It is the story of country music stars Joey and Rory Feek.  What a heartbreaking story yet very empowering to those who are believers. Death is not the end. After seeing the movie, I saw Rory's book, This Life I Live, on sale at Hobby Lobby so I purchased it. It was a good read. Rory continues to blog at This Life I Live. He talks about his life as a widower raising his three year old Down Syndrome daughter, Indie.

6. And unless you think all I have been doing is stitching, reading and watching tv...I have been working on getting my steps in every day. It has turned HOT here in NoAla so I have been going to the mall to walk. I have not been there since winter and I must say the new owners of the mall have remodeled it in a lovely style. It is very cheerful and bright. I hope it may attract some more stores to the facility.  I noted as I walked by Hallmark that their 2017 Christmas ornament premier is this week. Girls we just cannot get away from Christmas it seems.

7. While I have been home, I have also worked on my prayer journal that had been sadly neglected. This morning at church our pastor pointed out that sometimes God uses illnesses to keep us at home where we can be more effective in prayer and Bible study. ( I am greatly paraphrasing his words...he put it much or eloquently.)  I have found that I do have time for many things that had fallen by the wayside, housekeeping, genealogy work, writing cards and notes etc.  I am trying to remember my post from several weeks ago that was a pep talk about fighting discouragement.

8. The things I am struggling with this pain at seeing Marvin in such pain and my attitude in being a servant.  I will admit that at times my patience has worn thin and I grumble with God about how long this is going on. Deep Down I know there are many people who would LOVE to have this problem and then I feel guilty about being such a weak minded person.  So friends, if you have a few extra prayers this week, I would greatly appreciate them.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Stitching Saturday

Good Morning...I am enjoying a big cup of McCafe coffee this morning and it sure is good. I have loved coffee since I was a little girl. My day does not get off to a good start unless I can enjoy some of my favorite beverage.  So when I saw the Coffee Quaker pattern by Heartstrings Samplery,  I knew I had to stitch it.

Here it is back from the framer where it visited for a spell before...

heading to Grimmwood to keep watch over the coffee bar.
 if you would like to see some of the other Coffee Quakers stitched by ladies across the USA, check out Coffee Quaker SAL on Facebook.

To have room for the Coffee Quaker, I had to move another favorite sampler, Where There Are Bees There is Honey, by Prairie Schooler. But there was method in my madness. I own a special picture of my Granddaddy Tankersley. It was made when he was young and he is sprawled on the grass in front of his bee hives.  I knew it would look nice with my Honey Sampler.

Pardon the glare on the left side of the glass.  You can see four bee hives in the background. I am sure  those were just a few of his hives as I remember there being quite a few perched on the hillside. I hung it along side my bonnet made by my Grandmother Henderson. I think it makes a nice grouping.

Now that it is July, I am stitching some fall pieces. I like to think stitching fall pieces will make it feel a bit cooler here in NoAla.

Friday, July 7, 2017

Belly Flops

One of my favorite candies is Jelly Bellys.  Ronald Reagan knew a good jelly bean when he introduced this brand to me.  One of the bad things about Jelly Bellys is the price which is a bit high for my purse. At Christmas, Marvin gifted me with a big bag of my favorite flavor, Tutti Fruitti. I told him I was honored to receive $100 worth of Jelly Beans. No I don't think they cost that much but I am sure he paid a pretty penny for this treat. He finally acknowledged that the dispenser got away from him!!

My sister, Leta, brought me a bag of these the last time we were at Grimmwood.

These are Belly Flops...essentially the "seconds" of Jelly Bellys.  They taste good and the only change may be the shape or color of the beans. They are delicious. You can find them at Big Lots. I had to take a detour by Big Lots yesterday as I was on my way to the library.  Yes, this small bag is $1 at Big Lots and it is the same size as the $4 bag of Jelly Bellys I sometimes purchase at Walmart. There is a big bag that is just $3. I had to leave it there as I knew I would eat the whole bag if I brought it home.:)

Be sure and check out Big Lots if you are a Jelly Belly fanatic.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Christmas in July

Everywhere I turn it seems Christmas in July is being proclaimed.  Hobby Lobby is in full out Christmas mode.

If you remember I had a goal to make one Christmas ornament each month. These will be displayed on the tree at Grimmwood. I want a rustic look at our little house.

I am on target as of today.

This pretty Apple Ornament was a gift from my friend, Sandy, I Majored in Home Economics.  My father had an orchard on our family farm. This ornament will remind me of Daddy.

This one did not turn out as well as I hoped it would, but just keeping it real and showing you that we all can make some mistakes in finishing. I say it looks rustic.:)

Here is my haul. I will take these to Grimmwood the next time we head that way. I have a storage box there where I will store them until Christmas.

I also got a start on the ornaments for my grands. Here is one I am doing for Elliott.

The truck will be loaded with Christmas trees, perfect for my three year old truck loving, Elliott. At the rate this year is flying by, Christmas will be here before we know it.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Grimmlin Fun

We enjoyed a quick trip to Georgia. We had planned to stay unit the 4th but Marvin had a flare up of Sciatica and when you hurt, you would rather be home. So we came home. He will be having an MRI on Thursday. Prayers appreciated for an answer to this pain.

On Friday night we enjoyed some dinner at Los Amigas Mexican Restaurant.

WE all crammed into one big booth.

Note Elliott is showing us his mouth full of tortilla.

Ben came with Margaret and Elliott while Katy stayed home with Baylor. It gives her a break when it is just the two of them. As Baylor gets older, it seems he is sleeping better, which is good for everyone.
Aunt Leta brought over some goody bags for the great niece and nephews.

The boys. Marvin found this rocking chair was about the only chair he could sit in comfortably. Note his Waconia Brewing Company shirt. Waconia MN is his dad's home town.

Never a dull moment with these two Grimmlins around!!

Monday, July 3, 2017

Happy 4th!

I hope you all have a lovely Independence Day, celebrating freedom with your family and friends. I am taking Tuesday off! See you on Wednesday.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Stitching Saturday

I have several finishes to show you this week.

Thanks to this sweet machine, I was able to pick up sewing with ease. The hardest part was figuring out how to thread the needle.

Her is my first finish....It is not perfect...I need to work on getting my lines a bit straighter.

I used Vonna Pfieffer's method of creating a seam in the back, stuffing it and then slip stitch it together. It makes your lines and corners a bit neater.

Vonna also suggested using a wooden dowel to aid in stuffing your corners. I used my cuticle stick.

On display!

The Good Stitch Witch is stored away until October.

And another finish. I will be having this one framed. 

I so enjoyed finishing these projects and learning that the old skills I learned in Miss Edna Jo Butler's Home Economics Class 40 something years ago, came back to mind without much prodding.