Tuesday, August 15, 2017

My Imaginary Life

As we do not have cable or internet at Grimmwood, we have to take some of our DVDs with us if we want to watch television. I suggested to Marvin that we take season one of Ballykissangel this weekend.

Then I had to smile because it brought back a sweet memory. One of my younger friends and coffee buddy for several years moved to Ireland.  I asked if she was going to live near Avoca, where Ballykissangel was filmed back in the 90s. So bless her heart, she traveled to Avoca and wrote a blog entitled This is Your Imaginary Life Arlene Grimm.  She put in lots of pictures for me and I was able to travel to Ireland without leaving my armchair. ( This might be my favorite way to travel.)

I know a lot of you have Britbox or Acorn tv and if you see Ballykissangel listed on your viewing guide you might want to check it out.

Father Clifford is an English priest whose new assignment is in Ireland. It causes all sorts of adjustments for Father Clifford and the village he is to shepherd.  And Father Clifford does not drive...oops.  This show will make you laugh and a good way.

If you go to Ireland you might want to stop and visit in Avoca.

It looks like the perfect Irish village to me!

You might want to drop in at Fitzgeralds pub for a sandwich and pint!

I am looking forward to visiting with my Irish friends again. After all it IS my imaginary life.

Tomato Torta

My sweet next door neighbor gave me some home grown tomatoes and I decided to make this recipe that I had clipped but I had never tried.

Tomato Torta

Place a pie crust in pan, prick with a fork all over bottom and sides and bake 5 minutes at 400 degrees.

Take pan from oven... place two cups of mozzarella cheese in the bottom of the pan. Sprinkle with 1/2 tablespoon of dried basil leaves. ( If using fresh basil use 1 1/2 tablespoon.)

Top with sliced tomatoes.( For best results, slice your tomatoes and let them drain a bit on a layer of paper towels.)  Add 1/2 tablespoon of basil leaves.( 1 1/2 T if using fresh basil). Brush with olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Bake in a 400 degree oven for 35 to 40 minutes.

We have found an olive oil store in Ellijay, Georgia and we had purchased some olive oil infused with balsamic vinegar so I used it to brush the top of my tomatoes.

I served it with a Kale Salad and let me just say this recipe is a keeper.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Back to School

School has started here in Alabama.  This summer breezed by and now it is time to buckle down to classroom studies for the Grands.

Kendall is in the sixth grade.  While she was looking forward to seeing her friends every day, she was not looking forward to advanced math.  She is a smart girl but advanced math was a bit of a struggle. Amelia wisely decided that this brain needed a challenge. It is always one of those lightbulb moments when you realize you are not quite  as smart as you thought you were.  It happens to all of us.

Landon was happy to find that he would be in the class with his best friends. Amelia said he is sitting beside one of his besties and we both wonder how long before the teacher moves him to another seat.

Meanwhile in Hoover, the Grimmlins headed off for another year.  Margaret is in second grade and Baylor is in kindergarten.  Katy said Baylor had a good first day at school. When they got home from school, Baylor went right to his room got in bed and took a nap.  Please continue to pray for Baylor man as he is in a transitional classroom and it is a new type of class for the school system.  Margaret face timed us on Wednesday evening to tell us about her class. Her two best friends are in her class as well so that made her very happy.  We found out that Margaret was chosen for this particular class because of her kindness and being a friend to all.  We were so proud of her.

And the littlest Grimmlin is still enjoying summertime.

She has really enjoyed pool time this summer.  She will not be going back to day care as her Kim grandparents will be taking over childcare now that they are living in the area. I am thankful that they  are willing to do this for Audrey.

Fall is coming, high school football games and cooler mornings are all signs!!

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Stitching Saturday

Fall is in the air in my stitchy spot that is! Time to get those Autumnal pieces done if we want to display them in October and November.  But before I share my stitching, I have to show you this wonderful LED lamp I found at Walmart for $10.   At Grimmwood, my stitchy spot does not get a lot of natural light and my table lamp was not helping so I set out to look for a portable light weight lamp that I could use as I stitched.

It is just perfect for my purposes. And it is very bright.

I liked it so much, I purchased one for my NoAla home as well.  My eyes are getting older and I am determined to keep stitching so this was a game changer for me. With my magnifier and my lamp I can cross stitch all evening without eye fatigue.

Now on to stitching...

I got one piece back from the framer.

It is Lady Freedom by Brenda Gervais. I changed up the pattern a bit and I love it.  I dropped off my Prairie Schooler village when I picked up this piece. I can hardly wait to get that one back. I am already thinking about where I will hang it!

I started another piece for Grimmwood. It is Barnyard Christmas by Prairie Schooler.

I am going to stitch all the animals on one piece of fabric.

I started with the cow of course!

And like my friend, Sandy at I Majored in Home Economics, I have started on some Smalls.

Lizzie Kate designs some very cute small projects.  And those are buttons on the owls eyes. Aren't they cute?

I finished it pretty quickly.

I am not sure how I will finish it but I will come up with something. I changed out some of the colors to be able to use my Colour and Cotton Threads.  I am loving my subscription to their Floss of the Month Club.

Happy Stitching all my Floss Loving Friends.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Facebook Friday

I saw this posted by EWTN and I wanted to share it.

This really touched my heart as I struggle with being humble.  I think we all want what we want when we want it and that is not a Christian virtue.   Another thought to ponder by the scholar theologian, Pope Benedict.

And speaking of a mother to admire, I would like to say Happy Birthday to my Mother. She is celebrating 87 years today!

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Grimmlins at the Aquarium

Katy and Ben took their Grimmlins to Chattanooga last week to see the sights at the Aquarium there.

Katy says Baylor loved the aquarium and he was so enthralled he did not cover his ears or stim the whole time they were there.

Margaret with the jelly fish.

Baylor standing by himself like a big boy!

Our monkey, Elliott.

I am so glad the children had a fun day out before school starts back this week.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Christmas in July( Well August Really!)

My mother's branch of the family is the Hendersons and we try to get together for a meal every two months. In July we decided on Christmas in July. But as things will happen we were not able to meet until the first Saturday in August.

The meal was held at my Aunt Joyce's home. She loves all things Christmas and she had decorated her house and even had Christmas DVDs on the television. Amelia, Todd and the kiddos came for the afternoon as well.

These cute snow men were on hand to greet the guests.

We even had gifts! Everyone went to the Dollar Tree to purchase a gift, wrapped them up and brought them to the dinner for Dirty Santa.

I loved this picture over the mantle...and if you did not guess, my aunt loves Disney World and all things Disney. She had lots of Disney characters scattered around the house.

Even the kitchen was decorated!  We had lots of good finger foods and desserts to enjoy.

Kendall and Laura.  Everyone wore Christmas tee shirts as well.

My Aunt Joyce, her daughter, Holly and her granddaughter, Hayleigh.  My Aunt Joyce is just 9 years older than me and we have always been close.

Me and my girlies. My shirt says We Wish you a Murray Chatsworth is in Murray County.

Amelia and Aunt Joyce are ready for the season. Both of them LOVE the Hallmark Christmas movies.

Christmas Card this year??

First Cousins  who love...

Dolly Parton. Amelia gifted Laura with this shirt.

My cousin Hannah in her Elf hat.

Marvin and me with our grands.

Me and my sisters...

Sisters and Cousins...note my pretty poinsettia head band.

Amelia's Dirty Santa Gift.

Marvin got Star Wars masks. I have always loved Chew Bacca!!

We all agreed Christmas in July was fun and no stress! We will do it again next year.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017


Kendall and I had fun painting some rocks to hide in Chatsworth over the weekend.

Here are the rocks we painted.  Kendall did a lot of Pokemon characters while I just painted all sorts of things.

First stop was Veterans Park.

We left rocks on my Daddy's brick as well as my first cousin's brick.  Like my purple toes? The sun was shining brightly and I could not see very well as I was taking the photo.

Next was the city park....the city is building a stage in the park. I am hoping there will be some outdoor concerts there this fall.

Kendall hid our Jesus Loves You Rock here at First Baptist.

Our last rocks were hidden at the old well in Eton. Kendall was tricky when she was hiding the rocks.

We have been checking the #Murray Ga Rocks web page and several of our rocks were found. It was a fun way to spend a Friday afternoon. Kendall and I are both young at heart.

Monday, August 7, 2017

It Never Gets Old

Marvin snapped this picture from my mother's front yard.  I grew up in the shadow of Fort Mountain and the view is ever changing.   We had a great weekend in NoGA.  Kendall spent some time with us and we had fun hiding rocks, eating out with the fam, and a big Christmas in July that happened in August.

I am heading out this morning to have breakfast with the besties at Cracker Barrel.  That is the reason for the short post but I will be back tomorrow with pictures of our fun times in Georgia.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Stitching Saturday

Well I must say that Piglet is a smart guy!  A fellow stitcher shared this on Facebook this week.

I did have one finish this week.

Stacy Nash Primitives Halloween Pin Keep.  I am not sure how I will finish this one up. I may mull it over for a while.

I thought you all might enjoy this picture my brother in law, Bruce, posted this evening.

Riding on the John Deere, taking in the scenery. This is why Bruce loves farming.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Friday, August 4, 2017

Hints for a Happy Home

My friend, Deborah, suggested I share a story that I had shared with her. She thought it was worth passing along.

When I was a young wife, I had the privilege of sitting at the feet of a woman who was in her  40s,  an RN, mom and devoted wife. She and her husband taught our  Sunday School Class at Tuckston United Methodist Church in Athens, Georgia.  Lillian and Jim left a lasting impression on me and Marvin as newlyweds.

The Neils would often entertain our little group in their home. Jim was a talented baker and actually wrote a small cookbook on Sour Dough Bread.  He was a big man, a former professional football player who worked for the State of Georgia.  After dinner, Jim would gather the guys together while Lillian spoke to the gals.

Lillian shared some things with the ladies that she thought would make our homes a happy haven.  One of the first things she told us was that she and Jim made their bed every morning when they got up for the day.  Not just Lillian and not just Jim but together they made the bed. She said it really got their day off on the right foot and they were serving each other as they made the bed. Marvin and I adopted that piece of advice. We have made the bed together for about 41 years now. While Marvin was not feeling well, I did the bed by myself. But the minute he was on the road to recovery, Marvin told me, " I am helping you make the bed this morning."  It made us both feel much better.

Lillian shared that we should always respect our husbands when out with our friends. She encouraged us to be careful about calling him names or telling a story that might put him in a bad light.  She was so right. Being funny at your spouse's expense is not worth the damage done by careless words.

She also encouraged us to have family meals. Lillian was a busy RN but she and Jim sat down to a hot meal with their daughters in the evenings. Crock pots were just becoming popular back then and they were great for preparing meals in advance.

Five years ago Marvin and I were able to meet with Lillian. Jim had passed away and we regretted not being able to see his kind face.  We both gave thanks to Lillian and Jim for helping a naive young couple start down the path of married life.

So if you have a chance to be an influence in a young woman's life, be that light. You never know the long term effects it may have.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

A Get Well Gift

One of my favorite Floss Tube channels is The Striped Rose. Michelle who Vlogs at this channel is so interesting. She lives in North Georgia and homeschools her two daughters in addition to knitting and cross stitching.

The other day while watching, Michelle shared her new mug. It was from the ETSY store, Tea with Tolkien. The minute I saw the mug I knew I had to order it for Marvin. It would be a nice so glad you are feeling better gift!

It arrived this week. My husband is a huge Tolkien fan and he just loved this mug.  It is not often that I can give Marvin a gift that I know he will like.  

I loved the business card enclosed with the mug. ( Sorry for the glare...I forgot to edit my photo!)  This store also sells Baseball style tee shirts with this design on the front. Michelle at The Striped Rose had to purchase two of them for her girls.

So if you are a Tolkien fan, or know someone who is, check out this delightful ETSY store.