Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Birthday Weekend

We were so happy to have a day to celebrate Charles' 34th birthday on Saturday. Since we were at Grimmwood we made plans to meet the Canton Grimms in Jasper, Georgia for lunch.

But before we went to Jasper we stopped in Ellijay, one of our new favorite places. I stopped in to pick up some more of the Green Willow soaps. Their Silky Legs has become a family favorite and even my friends who have tried it have enjoyed it. When you can shave your legs and they feel like you put a nice lotion all over them when you finish it is a Win Win situation.  I also picked up some Cranberry Ice Lotion. It is going to be one of their Christmas specials. It smells so good and it has a bit of sparkle to it as well.

Getting on 515, it was just a 15 minute drive to Jasper, Georgia. I do not remember ever going to Jasper when I was growing up. But it is a cute little town. We stopped in at The Bargain Barn. It is rather like Bass Pro Shop and Tractor Supply rolled into one store. I found a cute purse there at a great price. ( Hey I needed a brown purse for fall!!) Marvin found a  mug that said, What happens on the porch stays on the porch. I was surprised at his interest in a mug...maybe my decorating powers are rubbing off on him.  By the time we had spent all our money it was time to locate The Last Catch.   It has GREAT seafood if you are in the area. The owners are originally from Charleston SC and all the sea food is flown in fresh daily.

But the best part of the day was seeing our Audrey.( Well it goes without saying we were glad to see the Birthday boy and Nancy!)

Nancy gets the best pictures!! Audrey thought that since she had Nana's sunglasses, she would take Grandpa's glasses as well.

The Birthday Boy.

Audrey had a cheese sandwich. Yum.

Nancy sent me this picture on Sunday. Audrey is wearing a smocked dress that Kendall and Margaret wore as well. I divided up the dresses so each granddaughter had a dress as an heirloom.

Having our little house in Georgia has been so good for building closer family ties. Georgia and Alabama, the best of both worlds.


Sandy said...

Audrey is a cutie. I love the little smocked dress. They are not as popular here as they are back home. Mom made Lindsay several and I have them packed up for grandchildren if I ever get any!

Karen said...

I enjoyed the smiling birthday pictures! We used to visit Elijay and Jasper. It's been a long time. The seafood restaurant looks great!

Robin in Virginia said...

What a wonderful weekend you had! Audrey is a cutie. The Bargain Barn looks like a fun place. Enjoy your day!

Terri D said...

Audrey is so adorable and that dress is beautiful! So glad you had such a great birthday celebration!!

Mari said...

Audrey is adorable! That dress is a wonderful heirloom. Glad you had such a nice day!

Leslie Anne Tarabella said...

We bought two Jeeps in Jasper. Their dealership used to be have the highest sales of any Jeep dealer in the country! Very pretty there! So glad you are close to family. I think that's what it's all about! Love that Audrey!