Friday, August 18, 2017

Facebook Friday

Corrie ten Boom has always been one of my spiritual heroes.  Even though she has been with the Lord for many years, she continues to inspire people via Facebook.

As a stitcher this really spoke to me. I will be honest. While the front of my needlework looks pretty, the back is sometimes a mess. I have been working on making the back of my needlework look better  even though no one sees the back except me and the framer. :)

This is a great picture story of our lives...we cannot see how God is working the threads together to refine us and make us shine like gold.  But we can trust His Wisdom.

Maybe one day I will show you the back of my work!


Sandy said...

I am not showing the back. Yep, mine is pretty ugly and that is definitely a great analogy.

Mrs.T said...

I've heard this embroidery/weaving analogy before and it is certainly a good one. I'd never seen this particular quote before, though, concerning the crown on the other side. Excellent! Thanks for sharing!

Sandy M said...

That is awesome! My backs are a mess too usually.

Anonymous said...

Arlene, I love that analogy. Amen and Amen!

Mari said...

I like Corrie TenBoom too. This is a wonderful message!

Terri D said...

An excellent message, especially for our times. I don't do needlework, but my friend Shirley (who is 81) does her work so that the back looks almost as good as the fronts. I am always amazed.